Thomas De Gendt announces his retirement but could continue in Asia

Road 21/11/23 20:23 Migue A.

The great Belgian cyclist, one of the most beloved by fans, sets a date for his retirement from the highest level for the end of the 2024 season. This does not mean that he is going to leave the competition and he is already pointing to new challenges for when that time comes.

2024 will be Thomas de Gendt's last year at the highest level

There is no doubt that Thomas de Gendt is one of the favorite cyclists for a large part of cycling fans. A true pedal warrior, usual in escapes from the grand tours when those selective stages arrive and only the strongest can be ahead. Characteristics that have led him to enter the select club of those with stage victories in the 3 grand tours as well as in many other places.

De Gendt, who started his career as a professional cyclist 15 years ago in the ranks of Topsport Vlaanderen and has spent his entire career in the structure of the current Lotto-Dstny, announced in recent statements that 2014 will be his last year in the elite of world cycling.

However, the Belgian is a true bike enthusiast and, in his own words, cannot go from racing more than 70 days a year to zero. Proof of this passion are his return trips after some grand tours with his inseparable Tim Wellens in bikepacking mode or both of them facing long gravel routes in Spain.

De Gendt comments that he made the decision to retire after the pandemic, looking to spend more time with his family but that, however, the good level he had and the team's confidence made him continue these last years. However, 2014 will be, at 99%, his last season at the highest level.

After that, his intention is to continue competing in other types of races such as facing the Cape Epic or some gravel races. In addition, Thomas De Gendt also commented that “I would also like to race in Asia just for fun, about 40 race days a year. There are enough continental teams that would like to have a European rider. At the Tour de Langkawi I saw that the small Asian teams are well organized.

Beyond that horizon, Thomas De Gendt has not considered where to focus his future beyond the bike “I hope I get a job offer and if they don't come I'll have to look for something. I only have experience in cycling, although by then this experience may be of little use. Before, races were held when there were 20 km to the finish and now they start 100 km from the end”.



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Thomas De Gendt anuncia su retirada pero podría continuar en Asia


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