We test the Damoff Wax Lube lubricant: we save you time and money

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We cyclists often spend a lot of time searching for and dreaming of new components that improve our experience on the bike, but the truth is that there are much more important basic details that we could dedicate part of our effort to, such as finding a good lubricant. We have been testing Damof's Wax Lube for months and we can say that if you want to save time this wax-based lubricant is the only one you need.

We tested the Damoff Wax Lube: the best cosmetic for your bike

We assure you that a task as simple as cleaning and lubricating your bike's transmission regularly can make your performance and feelings on the bike better than if you spend hundreds of euros on a new chainring, pulley set, derailleur or cassette.

The problem is that most cyclists are often too lazy to spend time cleaning and lubricating, and often it is due to the poor choice of products. For example, there are degreasers that do not work well, slow down the cleaning process, and that causes us to give up the task. Or there are lubricants that drip too much and cause us to decide not to put them on so as not to get dirty. 

Damoff Wax Lube 

That's why we said at the beginning that it is important to find quality and effective lubricants that keep our transmission immaculate without having to spend too much time applying them.

In this sense, and after testing it for several months, the Damoff Wax Lube is a perfect option. It is a dry lubricant made in Spain and formulated with a combination of special waxes and surfactants that achieve a perfect texture to reach the interior of each link without dripping (as long as we do not exceed in the application of the product). In addition, this product has a pleasant peach aroma that you will soon associate with the ritual of waxing your chain.

200 km on the road and 100 km in the mountains: follow the instructions and this will be your go-to lubricant forever

We are aware that the user experience can vary greatly depending on the conditions of each cyclist, and for example in our case, testing the Damoff Wax Lube, at the beginning we wasted part of its potential by not respecting the times advised by the manufacturer. That's why we want to highlight that it is important to respect its instructions for use if we want to save lubricant and time while maximizing its performance.

On the first use it is more than advisable to degrease and dry the chain well to remove traces of any other lubricant, if you don't have time the Degreaser PRO will do it faster than you think. All this before applying, link by link and drop by drop, the Wax Lube on the inside of the chain. The Damoff's own packaging facilitates this process thanks to a precise applicator that prevents spills. And now comes a fundamental step that if you skip it will be directly reflected in its performance: let it dry.

The manufacturer advises to let the lubricant dry for at least 2 hours before going out to ride, which allows the waxes to reach the interior of each link and settle well on the chain. And if you comply with this rest we assure you that you will be able to make several outings, under normal conditions without mud or rain, without having to lubricate again. In addition, for maintenance you will see that the Damoff Wax Lube protects quite well from dirt and it will not be necessary to clean the chain every time you need to apply it, you can do it directly and you will have the chain immaculate at least another 200 km on the road or about 100 in the mountains.

By forgetfulness, sometimes, we have applied the lubricant just before going out to ride and for those cases, if the outing is long, we recommend that you carry among your tools the mini format of 15ml in case you need to reapply at some stop.

Damoff Wax Lube 

In summary, the Damoff Wax Lube is one of those totally recommendable products and for its price, 11.95€ on the official website, we think it offers a very good quality-price ratio. Damoff also offers it within some packs with other cleaning products, like the degreaser that we also got to test throughout this test to our astonishment for its effectiveness.

You can find this and other products on the official Damoff website.



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