Supersapiens, the company that was going to revolutionize sports, closes its doors

Road 01/03/24 15:30 Migue A.

Under the euphemism of restructuring, Supersapiens has announced to users of its glucose meters that it will stop taking orders, subscriptions are canceled, there will be no more updates, and customer service is suspended.

Supersapiens glucose meters are no longer available after the restructuring announcement

When they appeared a few years ago on the market, the glucose meters created by the Supersapiens firm, capable of recording levels of this nutrient in real-time and transmitting them to their application and cycling computer promised to revolutionize endurance sports.

A device capable of indicating at all times the level of our fuel tank to adapt nutrition exactly to the needs of each moment, undoubtedly, the definitive end of the dreaded bonk as well as a very useful tool for managing our daily diet avoiding glucose spikes and drops that lead to anxiety situations capable of ruining many diets.

Now, the brand has announced in a brief note to its customers and those who access its website that it is proceeding with what they have called company restructuring, although, it seems to be a gentle way of saying that they are ending their business as it is added that they cease to serve orders and cancel all subscriptions of their customers to their online platform.

In fact, it is indicated that access will only be available until March 31 urging users to download any data they intend to keep.

A piece of news that we inevitably have to relate to the UCI's prohibition of the use of this type of devices in competition and which had its greatest impact when, just a year ago, cyclist Kristen Faulkner was disqualified from the Strade Bianche after achieving a commendable third place for using a Supersapiens meter despite claiming it was only for data collection and not connected to the cycling computer.

Although its use in competition is banned, glucose meters remain a useful tool during training and in everyday life, as can be seen by the cyclists of Movistar Team who this season have incorporated Glucovibes meters among the tools available to monitor the parameters of their cyclists to the maximum.



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