10 superfoods for cyclists you probably don't know about

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Professional sport, in its constant evolution, increasingly puts more at stake. Sponsorship money, from the runners themselves, the very existence of certain teams hanging by the thin thread that separates victory from second place... all this superimposed on the simple and timeless sporting spirit. That is why, in all fields, loopholes are sought to scratch seconds off the clock, ways to improve performance, and one of the most studied is sports nutrition. These are ten superfoods for cyclists, increasingly widespread, that you probably don't know.

superfoods for cyclists

10 superfoods for cyclists

1.Celery and thistle

Celery and thistle are part of the same food family and have very similar properties, including the presence of a significant amount of inorganic nitrate, which in our bodies turns into nitric oxide, a molecule that helps regulate the biological processes of our body. Both are, therefore, superfoods for cyclists.

superfoods for cyclists

2.Hemp seeds

Hemp seed, apart from other more widespread uses, is very rich in iron and magnesium, which translates into significantly improving our body's ability to transport oxygen.

superfoods for cyclists


Quinoa is known as "the golden grain". Little spread in our country, unlike in all of Latin America, its properties for our body are infinite. In terms of sport, it is one more among the superfoods for cyclists due to its very high protein value and its richness in fiber combined with the absence of fat and the low glycemic level.

superfoods for cyclists

4.Maple syrup

Perhaps this will surprise many, but the maple preparation in which many Americans bathe their pancakes every morning is, due to its mineral richness and potassium, a superfood for cyclists.

superfoods for cyclists


Yes friends, we bring good news. Watch your uric acid and your wallet, but otherwise a good intake of scallops, sea oxen, and red prawns next Christmas will be positive for your performance on the bike. And it is an extraordinary source of protein. A rich plate of noodles with clams in green sauce, for example, constitutes a recovery meal like few others after cycling.

superfoods for cyclists

6.Spirulina algae

Increasingly known and widespread in Spain, spirulina algae, among many other benefits, is an excellent muscle recoverer. It is found in herbalists in various forms (drops, pills or powder).

superfoods for cyclists


Honey, like maple syrup, is a source of energy like few others. A teaspoon before leaving, which in no case will inflate our stomach or cause discomfort of stomach heaviness, will provide us with natural sugars, glucose, vitamins and minerals in large quantities. All this, without a hint of fat and quickly assimilated, make honey the superfood for cyclists par excellence.

superfoods for cyclists


Coconut and especially the oil extracted from this fruit contains multiple properties that increase sports performance. Specifically, its medium-chain triglycerides have the ability to turn into energy at high speed.

superfoods for cyclists

9.Cola soft drink

Increasingly less widespread due to the sensation of bloating caused by its gases, this rich mixture of sugar and caffeine remains a popular, effective but unorthodox option among cyclists around the world.

superfoods for cyclists


Turmeric, like quinoa or spirulina, is a superfood increasingly widespread in our country. In this case, it decisively intervenes in muscle recovery. It is also pleasant to consume, with a flavor between mustard and curry that goes very well, for example, mixed with cooked rice.

superfoods for cyclists

Obviously these foods are not miraculous, but if we include them regularly in our diet they can be very beneficial. Do you know any more that we may have forgotten? We read you on our social networks. 



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