Strava levels up and now allows sending and receiving messages

Road 05/12/23 14:30 Migue A.

The sports platform Strava has just launched a new feature that bets on the ultimate connection between its users. The new Messaging function allows sending and receiving direct or group messages to promote coordination and make communication easier.

Strava launches its Messaging function

Strava continues to take as a reference the research and analysis of the data from its platform that confirm that athletes perform better together. And in that sense, its latest Messaging function is aimed, which will allow Strava users to coordinate and connect more easily.

"The introduction of Messaging represents an exciting milestone for Strava", said Zipporah Allen, Strava's Chief Business Officer. "This long-awaited feature adds depth to what makes Strava special: a global community based on authentic connections. It also underscores our unwavering dedication to continually prioritizing the athlete's experience and what we are building for them."

Strava's messaging service offers two main options: direct messages and group messages, allowing for full coordination, connectivity, and celebration of achievements and progress.

Other features integrated into Strava's messaging are:

  • Share an activity and/or route: allows you to easily share Activities and Routes through a message to help in planning and celebration.
  • Customization of group messages: You can customize the name of group chats to make the experience unique.
  • Have fun: Athletes can bring motivation, anticipation, and even some friendly competition through reactions to messages, gifs, and responses.

Of course, Strava users will be able to customize the messaging function to set their preferences on who can invite them to a group message or who can send them a direct message. The setting will automatically be based on the visibility of the athlete's profile, but can be adjusted to receive messages from "Followers", "Common Friends" or "No one" in the Strava app settings. 



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