Stefan Küng explains the details of his accident in the time trial: During a time trial I am basically blind

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Just over a month after the spectacular crash he suffered during the time trial at the European Championships, Swiss rider Stefan Küng explains how the accident happened and about the controversy that arose after he finished his participation with blood on his face and his helmet completely destroyed.

Stefan Küng barely remembers anything of his terrible crash in the European Championships

At the end of September, the European Cycling Championships took place in the Dutch region of Drente. During the time trial, when he was fighting for a place on the podium, in the final part of the course, Stefan Küng left us with some horrifying images when the fences that marked out the route closed at a specific point of the course. However, the Swiss rider, in the middle of the effort, did not notice and ended up crashing into them at high speed. He would get back on his bike to complete the course, in an image that generated a great deal of controversy.

Stefan Küng confessed that he barely remembers anything about the crash, putting his fall down to an orientation problem: "During a time trial I am basically blind, I can only see a few metres ahead due to the position I have to hold and I have to trust the indications that come via radio from the team car, it all happened very quickly. During a time trial I cover 50/60 metres of road in a few seconds, so if I make a mistake in an instant I'm on the ground without realising it."

Although he got back on the bike to finish, he suffered a concussion and fractures to his cheekbone and hand. In fact, after crossing the finish line, he doesn't remember much because of the impact to his head. For example, when he got home he didn't have his wedding ring, which was on his finger in the footage when he crossed the finish line but he doesn't know if it was cut off or what happened.

Küng is now fully recovered from his crash and has returned to regular training in anticipation of a 2024 season in which his sights will be set on the time trial at the Zurich World Championships as well as, like many others, the Paris Olympics.



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"Durante la crono voy ciego"; Stefan Küng explica los detalles de su accidente