Avancini returns to the top of mountain biking: It was worth to keep believing!

Mountain bike 07/08/23 12:08 Migue A.

Henrique Avancini has returned to the top of mountain biking like a phoenix reborn from the worst situations. The Brazilian has just been proclaimed XCM World Champion 2023 after a few seasons in which it seemed that his level would not be the same as before.

Henrique Avancini is World Champion again

In recent months, Avancini's performance was being more discreet than it was just a couple of seasons ago when he was winning and was among the regulars to win any Championship or World Cup. In between a pandemic and post-pandemic, which for non-European cyclists was more complicated in terms of competition, and a change of team in which he has gone from being the center of attention of an entire structure to lead an own project with all new and also leading in competition, seemed to have wet the wings of a phoenix that resurfaced in the Scottish mud.

It didn't look easy and although he was on the list of favorites for this XCM World Championship there were many doubts that he could be fighting directly for the victory. But he has done it again. Avancini has once again demonstrated that he is the best in one of the modalities that have given him the best in his career, he was already World Champion in 2018, but it must not have been an easy road and so he confirms it in his statements after wearing the rainbow jersey.


I'm very thankful to God for everything I lived and learnt as a racing cyclist.

Today, bigger than the joy of being World Champion is to say, once again, that it is worth to believe! It was worth to keep believing!

Björn Kafka and Aerotune, thanks for taking the challege of coaching a hard head guy that questions a lot. You did an amazing work!

Lukas Baum, I'm so happy to share this podium with you! Never forgot when you were a Junior prospect and dis the feedzone support for me back in 2013, when I won a Bundesliga and "said hi" to the World. I'm happy to see you growing as a rider but more than that as a person.
I hope one day you will get your own stripes!

The next important events for the Brazilian rider will take place this week with the World Short Track and XCO Championships, here are all the times and how to watch it.



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Avancini regresa a lo más alto del mountain bike : "Valió la pena seguir creyendo"