Security notice for SRAM eTap AXS 12s levers

Road 02/02/24 15:36 Migue A.

Despite the imminent launch of its new SRAM Red AXS 2024, the American firm does not forget about the rest of its groups, to which it continues to pay due attention, as demonstrated by the safety notice issued about its SRAM eTap AXS 12s levers produced before July 1. This is what you should keep in mind if you own these levers.

SRAM calls for a review of the handlebar anchor screw of its eTap AXS 12s levers

Problems with the fixation of the SRAM eTap AXS 12s road levers have forced the brand to issue a safety notice for users of the same to check the tightening or contact an authorized dealer to have the review done for them.

SRAM has detected in some of its levers produced before July 1, 2023 that they could rotate on the handlebar even after properly tightening the fixing screw. Obviously, carrying a poorly fixed lever could result in it turning at the most unexpected moment, possibly ending in a fall. That is why the brand has decided to play it safe and issue this safety notice.

A notice that affects the SRAM eTap AXS 12s levers, that is, belonging to the Red, Force, Rival and Apex groups, aimed at aftermarket assemblies. Therefore, if your group came mounted as standard on the bike or has been installed by an authorized dealer, it is not necessary to proceed with this review.

SRAM asks users of the involved levers to check their tightening by applying slight pressure on them as if trying to turn them towards the center of the handlebar. If the lever rotates or moves on the handlebar, the brand recommends not using it until it has been properly retightened.

The procedure to do this is to lift the rubber of the lever and locate the tightening screw, a 5 mm allen screw. First we will loosen the screw a couple of turns and then, using a torque wrench, apply a torque of 6 Nm to the lever fixing screw. We will repeat the process of loosening and tightening a couple of times with the aim of eliminating the excess of screw fixatives, apparently, the cause of this incorrect tightening that the brand has detected.

As usual, for those less skilled in mechanics, SRAM has prepared a useful video on its YouTube channel, where you can find all the mechanical operations that affect all its components described in detail. In any case, if you do not feel confident doing it yourself, do not have a torque wrench or, after performing the operation, the lever continues to move, you should contact the nearest authorized dealer where they can properly solve the problem.



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