This is the prototype of Roval wheels with carbon spokes that Specialized Factory Racing is already using

Mountain bike 22/04/24 14:50 Migue A.

At the start of the UCI XCO World Cup, there is a team that is standing out above the rest, that is the Specialized Factory Racing. That's why it's almost impossible for any news that their cyclists use in competition to go unnoticed, and there are quite a few. In this case, our attention is focused on the Roval wheel prototype with carbon spokes and new hubs that Víctor Koretzky, Haley Batten, Martin Vidaurre, and Christopher Blevins are already competing with.

The new Specialized Epic 8 from SFR with the Roval wheel prototype

The Specialized Factory Racing is competing with a Roval Control wheel prototype with carbon spokes and new hub

The most striking thing about this Roval wheel prototype and what we have detected as a new model that is not yet in the Specialized catalog is found in its core.

The new Roval hub looks very striking with this bright aluminum color and really seems lighter than any current version

The new hub is in aluminum color and has even been customized with what appear to be the signatures of the members of the Specialized Factory Racing. Apart from the aesthetics, it is apparently a lighter hub compared to current versions, and 20 straight spokes made of carbon fiber come out of it.

These new Roval wheels already know what it's like to win a XCC and XCO World Cup

We have seen carbon spokes in competition in other models before, like the Syncros Silverston SL, but in that case, they were part of the wheel as they were made in one piece, and we bet their behavior is completely different in these Roval wheels.

The rim is also made of carbon, has a low profile, and we would bet it has an internal width of 30 mm.

The whole team is already riding with these new Roval Control SL wheels, and we have seen them win several XCO World Cup races in the Chris Blevins' Epic WC or Haley Batten's Epic 8. In addition, due to their level of finish, they seem more like a final version than a prototype where changes are still being made, but to confirm this, we just have to wait.



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