Rotwild R.R275 X, genius or unnatural?

Gravel 15/11/23 18:00 Migue A.


German high-end brand Rotwild has unveiled its first electric gravel model, the R.R275 X. A bike as aesthetically striking as it is exclusive for its quality and originality. Maximum integration, TQ HPR50 motor with 50Nm of torque, 250 Wh battery and a price from €8,999 are some of its key features.

New Rotwild R.R275 X

New Rotwild R.R275 X: an electric gravel extravaganza

Although they are already a well-established reality, the truth is that they are relatively young on the market and electric bicycles are on a mission to break away from the preconceived ideas of consumers. That's why it is still curious to come across models such as the new Rotwild R.R275 X. A gravel bike with electric assistance, something associated in the common imagination with recreational and relaxed cycling, but with completely racing materials, components and aesthetics. So much so that the "R" in its name comes from "Race."

The TQ HPR50 motor and a 250 Wh battery are fully integrated into the frame.

The frame of the Rotwild R.R275 X is handmade from carbon fibre in Austria and is as robust and stiff as it is lightweight. Inside, there's a 250Wh battery in the down tube and the quiet and powerful TQ HPR50 motor - an electric unit we've already tested several times and which never ceases to amaze with its silence and natural power delivery. It also has the option of mounting an extra 160 Wh external battery in one of the bottle cages.

This Rotwild R.R275 X lives up to its high-end adjective in technical specification, but excels in integration and stiffness thanks to a design where handlebars and lights are completely within the lines of the frame.


The handlebar and stem set is part of the main line of the frame and the front light and all cable routing is fully integrated.
The rear light embedded in the junction of the seat stays with the seat tube is a very elegant solution. Note the infinite rear wheel arch


The striking 5-spoke, all-carbon Xentis wheels help to reinforce the robust, stiff and racing aesthetic that we find hard to assimilate into an electric gravel bike.

The stiffness of these striking Xentis wheels reinforces the racing character of the Rotwild R.R275 X Ultra.
The Rotwild R.R275 X Ultra looks like a real racing machine on a dirt track.

With no date yet announced for availability, the Rotwild R.R275 X will be available in 4 sizes (S, M, L and XL) and two set-ups. The Rotwild R.R275 X Ultra priced at €11,999 with pole wheels, and the Rotwild R.R275 X Pro priced at €8,999.



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