Mitterwallner beats Pieterse to win the XCO World Cup in Les Gets

Mountain bike 10/09/23 14:17 Migue A.

Mitterwallner takes the win at the XCO World Cup in Les Gets. The Austrian rode in the leading group and waited to launch the attack at a time when Pieterse ran out of watts to reply. Even so, the Dutchwoman finished second and Ferrand-Prevot signed a great race to be third.

Mitterwallner emerges strong to win the XCO World Cup in Les Gets

Clean start with some minor hitches at the back. Pieterse won the first meters, but the lead soon passed to Lecomte, who opened the track ahead of Hederson, Keller, Terpstra and Berta. For her part, Ferrand-Prevot already had time to climb to seventeenth position after starting from twenty-fifth.

The lead changed at times, although the front group remained compact. Eight riders in the lead: Pieterse, Batten, Mitterwallner, Lecomte, Henderson, Keller, Ferrand-Prevot and Berta. The Dutch rider was in the mood to make a move and tightened the situation with a change of pace that did not give the expected result.

Pieterse's new change of pace this time served to break the pack. The group was dismembered at high speed until only three riders survived: Pieterse herself, Batten and Mitterwallner. Behind, Ferrand-Prevot took a little longer but eventually joined them.

Batten took the lead and pulled a group that was stretching and shrinking by the minute.

Pieterse replaced Batten in the lead after a long reign by the American, while Ferrand-Prevot came out of the background and took the lead. Halfway point of the race. First signs of weakness for Batten, although she was able to rejoin without major problems.

Ferrand-Prevot stumbled and lost some time. Pieterse commanded the situation with apparent comfort with 11 seconds ahead of Mitterwallner, Batten and Ferrand-Prevot.

The chasing trio was left in a pair when Batten finally gave up. The duo went all out for Pieterse and cut the gap with an ease that seemed to reveal some sign of fatigue in the Dutch rider. Neither wanted to go on the offensive and both stayed behind the leader.

Mitterwallner let her do it until she decided to attack. The Austrian took the lead and, despite first impressions, Pieterse managed to contain the move. Penultimate lap. Ferrand-Prevot tried to reconnect after losing a few meters.

The Frenchwoman, who was coming from a difficult week in which she had to be absent from the XCC due to illness, gave in when the 50 minutes of the race were already exceeded.

Mitterwallner stepped up the pace and forced Pieterse to do the same. The Austrian replied the attack shortly after and the overall leader was left without response. An uncompromising attack with a tremendous pace that set the fastest lap and put more ground in the middle. 11 seconds in just a few meters. 20 seconds a little later.

Last lap. Mitterwallner was leading with solvency. Crisis for Ferrand-Prevot, who was overtaken by Batten. The American was already close to the third step of the podium when Pauline, who seemed to have no strength left, recovered to overtake her again.

Mitterwallner turned the handlebars to the left to take the last corner, face the straight and reach the finish line to certify the victory in the XCO World Cup of Les Gets. The Austrian gave a lesson in strength to Pieterse, who came in second and retains the overall lead with two races to go.

Ferrand-Prevot signed a fantastic final to beat Batten.

Results XCO World Cup Les Gets 2023 - Women's

  1. Mona Mitterwallner 1:14'51"
  2. Puck Pieterse +38"
  3. Pauline Ferrand-Prevot +1'14"
  4. Haley Batten +1'34"
  5. Savilia Blunk +2'28"
  6. Martina Berta +2'57"
  7. Loana Lecomte +3'00"
  8. Rebecca Henderson +3'00"
  9. Nicole Koller +3'15"
  10. Laura Stigger +3'40"



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Mitterwallner bate a Pieterse y gana la Copa del Mundo XCO de Les Gets