Ferrand-Prevot attacks at the end and takes the victory in the Leogang XCC

Mountain bike 16/06/23 17:56 Migue A.

Ferrand-Prevot raised her arms as winner of the Leogang World Cup Short Track. The Frenchwoman waited for her moment and attacked in the last lap to unhook Pieterse and put an end to any chance of victory for Richards. The Dutchwoman and the Briton crossed the finish line second and third, respectively.

Ferrand-Prevot beats Puck Pieterse to win the first round of the weekend in Leogang

The cyclists looked at the sky of Leogang minutes before the start of the XCC. Sun and rain shared the stage to the uncertainty of all present.

Pieterse, the fastest in the first meters, took the lead when the green lights signaled the start of the third race of the season. However, the Dutchwoman was overtaken by Italy's Berta. Richards, Rissveds and Lecomte were the other riders in the top 5.

A group attempt at the end of the Start Loop. A movement that a priori did not seem to reach any port but that soon after proved to be real: Pieterse, Rissveds and Richards opened a gap. The Swedish rider went to the ground in a crash without major consequences but that left the other two at the front.

9 seconds of margin. Both riders seemed to be working with solvency, but Ferrand-Prevot used her legs on the steep grassy section to close the gap and make contact with them at the end of the lap.

Rissveds, who gave a good feeling after crashing, was only halfway through the comeback, unable to close the gap with the top three, remaining 7 seconds behind.

Pieterse, Richards and Ferrand-Prevot. The leading trio exchanged positions but continued to ride without attacking each other. Meanwhile, Lecomte, one of the fittest riders, was in thirteenth place.

Pieterse's change of pace, although for the moment neutralized by her rivals. Even so, the Dutchwoman did not give up and pushed hard on the penultimate lap. Now she did. The effort helped Richards to lose some meters, while Ferrand-Prevot managed to stick to the wheel.

Last lap and everything seemed to indicate that the victory was going to be a matter of two. Ferrand-Prevot now assumed the role of leading actress and launched an attack that Pieterse could not replicate. The rider with the orange curls was just seconds behind the Frenchwoman.

The move put paid to any chance of victory for Richards, who even had to look back to fend off Tersptra.

In the end, Ferrand-Prevot managed the lead and completed the rest of the circuit solo to finish and claim victory at the Leogang XCC. Pieterse appeared seconds later to take second place.

Richards was able to hold on and beat Tersptra in the tight finish. Lecomte was able to make a last-ditch effort to finish tenth.

Results XCC World Cup Leogang 2023 - Women's

  1. Pauline Ferrand-Prevot 20'37"
  2. Puck Pieterse +5"
  3. Evie Richards +7"
  4. Anne Terpstra +8"
  5. Jenny Rissveds +18"
  6. Rebecca Henderson +21"
  7. Mona Mitterwallner +23"
  8. Gwendalyn Gibson +24"
  9. Haley Batten +36"
  10. Loana Lecomte +40"



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Ferrand-Prevot ataca al final y se lleva la victoria en el XCC de Leogang