Stigger wins first XCC World Cup 2023 in Nove Mesto

Mountain bike 12/05/23 18:24 Migue A.

Laura Stigger crossed the finish line in first position and took the victory at the XCC Nove Mesto. The Specialized Factory Racing rider took a background role throughout the race, but popped her head up at just the right time to take the lead at the last moment and claim her first World Cup win of the season.

Stigger takes victory at the XCC in Nove Mesto

The XXC World Cup started in Nove Mesto under a rain that filled with umbrellas the areas where the fans were crowded. The riders who started from the first positions maintained the top places of the table in the first meters of asphalt. First lap completed in just 2 minutes. Keller, Batten, Lecomte in front.

Shortly before entering the dirt Martina Berta went to the ground. She was able to get up without losing too much time but she rejoined after the bulk of the cyclists had passed.

Another pass through the finish line. Lecomte took the lead, although it was something testimonial, as the big favorites remained in the lead pack and marked the same time as the Frenchwoman.

The clock was ticking and the lead was changing hands with relative speed; Keller and Pieterse were among those who were seen at the front of the group, but no one was making a difference.

We had to wait until the halfway point of the race to see the first cuts in the group, although the vast majority of riders started lap six in the front group.

Lap seven. The clouds gave a respite, Richards took the lead and demanded something more from his quads to set a high pace that forced the rest to do the same not to be left behind.

The British rider lost first place but regained it in time to cross the finish line for the penultimate time as leader. As she did in the previous lap, she took advantage of the asphalt area to set a great pace, although the rest of the participants replicated the movement with solvency.

Richards continued to push and the final lap began with a slightly smaller lead group than in previous laps. Despite this, it was Keller who took the lead at the start of the final lap. The Swiss rider pushed hard but it was Stigger, who had remained in the background until then, who won the final finish.

Alessandra Keller had to settle for second place, while her compatriot Sina Frei took third place on the podium.

Stigger was happy when she finished the race and although she recognized that "it has been complicated to follow in the wake of the best" she also expressed that "I am happy with the way things have turned out" and showed her interest in Sunday's race.

XCC Nove Mesto 2023 World Cup Results - Women

  1. Laura Stigger
  2. Alessandra Keller
  3. Sina Frei
  4. Pauline Ferrand Prevot
  5. Evie Richards
  6. Haley Batten
  7. Puck Pieterse
  8. Anne Tauber
  9. Jolanda Neff
  10. Line Burquier

You can check all the results at MTBDATA.



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