Now it is possible to mount electronic shifting with rim brakes

Road 13/03/24 07:30 Migue A.

Since two generations ago Shimano started manufacturing their top-of-the-line groupsets exclusively for disc brakes, bikes with conventional brakes were definitively sentenced to become part of the past. However, there are still many cyclists who prefer this braking system and refuse to let their bikes remain unable to evolve.

Fans of rim brakes can upgrade their bike with the Wheeltop drivetrain

If you have a bike with rim brakes and want to improve it, for example by installing the most current electronic groupset possible, nowadays you are limited to the 11-speed drivetrain from a few years ago. It has been a while since the major manufacturers sentenced this form of braking in favor of discs, meaning that, except for low-end groups, all current groupsets from Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo are only available for disc brakes.

Fortunately, there is life beyond the major brands like the groupset showcased by the Taiwanese brand Wheeltop at the last Taipei fair. A completely wireless drivetrain groupset suitable for cassettes ranging from 7 to 13 sprockets, available in versions with hydraulic levers as well as for cable-actuated brakes.

The Wheeltop EDS-TX group features an ergonomics reminiscent of Shimano groupsets from a couple of generations ago. The rear derailleur shifters are actually in a similar position, while on the front derailleur lever there is only one button to switch between the two chainrings.

On the other hand, the derailleurs, although they resemble SRAM's, have their batteries integrated into the structure, so we will need to have the bike near the outlet to be able to attach the magnetic connectors of its charger.

Thanks to the electronics, which equalize the shifting operation, the performance is surely completely reliable and, judging by the images posted on Wheeltop's social media, the finishes seem to be of high quality. In fact, this brand has been manufacturing bike components under its own brand as well as for third parties since 1951.



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