An important change in the Nove Mesto XCO World Cup will make it more difficult in 2024

Mountain bike 18/12/23 10:44 Migue A.

The Nove Mesto World Cup is a favorite event for many thanks to its circuit and fans, but its organization has just announced major changes that will make things more difficult for all the riders who compete in the Short Track and the XCO race on Sunday.

Major change in the schedule of the Nove Mesto World Cup

Until now and since the Short Track races were introduced in the XCO World Cup, the schedule of all races has been to compete in the Short Track on Friday and the XCO race on Sunday, allowing the riders to recover from the intense effort required by the short race and arrive at 100% for the XCO test.

But the organization of Nove Mesto, taking advantage of the fact that it has just put on sale the tickets for the 2024 race, has just announced that it changes its schedule and the Short Track will be held on Saturday. Less than 24 hours before the XCO race on Sunday.

The organizer has made these changes to encourage more public attendance and for the majority of fans to decide to stay two days instead of just attending the XCO race on Sunday, but this decision could significantly affect the performance of the cyclists by drastically shortening their recovery time between the two races. We will see how the favorites manage this new schedule as some may choose to be more conservative on Saturday to be at 100% on Sunday, even if this penalizes them in the starting position of the XCO.

This is the first race of the XCO World Cup calendar that has decided to change the schedule, but we would not be surprised if the rest follow the same path if the public's response is favorable.



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