New Specialized Tero X 2023

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The search for versatility seems to be the new philosopher's stone for bike brands that do not hesitate to unify bike concepts to provide us with machines capable of meeting our needs in a wide range of situations. With the Tero X Specialized is trying to appeal to those riders who are looking for a machine that allows them to get into the mountains but, at the same time, also need a bike for everyday use.

As far as your imagination takes you

Mountain bike with an urban spirit, a kind of SUV if we resort to a comparison with the automotive world. This is perhaps the most appropriate description we can think of for this new Specialized Tero X in a concept that is difficult to fit for those who see the bike from a purely sporty point of view, but which, contrary to what you might think, results in a concept capable of reaching a very wide audience looking for a bike for their mountain bike outings but which, in turn, they can use perfectly in their daily commuting around the city thanks to its cargo capacity.

All this, with the addition of Specialized's unmatched Turbo motors that add versatility to your rides thanks to their electric assist. In this bike, Morgan Hill's firm has prioritized range and plenty of power to be able to deal with virtually any situation.


This new Specialized Tero X is built on the basis of an E5 aluminum frame with a mullet configuration, i.e. with a 29-inch front wheel for greater absorption capacity and a 27.5-inch rear wheel for more agile handling.

It has 120 mm full suspension with a monopivot swingarm for maximum mechanical simplicity and, therefore, robustness and reduced maintenance. At the front, different models of Rock Shox forks are chosen: Recon Silver RL on the Tero X 4.0, Deluxe Select R on the 5.0 and Lyrik Select+ on the top of the range setup, all with the common denominator of their 130 mm of travel. Same supplier as the rear shock, which provides its Select Deluxe model.

Full power

The heart of this Specialized Tero X is the brand's own Full Power motor, with different internal firmware configurations that determine the maximum torque it is capable of delivering. The most basic model, the Tero X 4.0, is equipped with the Specialized Full Power 2.0E motor that provides 250 W of power and a maximum torque of 50 Nm. This unit is combined with a 530 Wh capacity battery.

In the intermediate step, the Tero X 5.0 uses the 2.0 motor, which increases the maximum torque to 70 Nm. With a 710 Wh battery, this model achieves a great balance between assistance capacity and long range. Finally, the Tero X 6.0 uses the Full Power 2.2 motor capable of delivering 90 Nm of torque combined with 710 Wh of capacity to still provide sufficient range of use despite the increased assistance capacity.

The battery, as usual, is located along the down tube with the useful feature of being removable for charging at home. It is protected by a key lock to prevent theft. The model that offers more autonomy is the intermediate Tero X 5.0, with about 150 kilometers in eco mode, always depending on the route and the weight of the cyclist.

Full equipment

The versatile philosophy of this Tero X is reinforced by the complete standard equipment that Specialized has provided it with, starting with its integrated mudguards, the first thing that jumps out at you and which, with their generous dimensions, offer full protection from the dirt that comes off its pure Specialized Ground Control mountain tyres. By the way, the rear in turn is equipped with a luggage rack capable of supporting up to 20 kg of load.

Also thinking of a varied use is the dropper post that beyond making things easier when the terrain becomes technical, in a model of these characteristics is more focused on making it easier to get on the bike when using the bike in the city, especially if we carry saddlebags loaded to the top with which the handling of the bike at a standstill is more complicated.

Continuing with its accessories, we could not miss the lights, of greater capacity depending on the model. The Tero X 4.0 has a 500 lumen front light and 11 lumen rear light, while the top model has a 1,000 lumen model, while the rear light maintains its intensity but incorporates an accelerometer capable of detecting slowdowns, thus acting as a brake light.

Of course, all of them allow you to interact with the motor through its MasterMind display/cyclocomputer which, in addition to letting you know the selected assistance mode or the remaining battery autonomy, can be connected to the Ground Control mobile application from which you can update the firmware of your motor or customize each of the modes, in addition to the functions of the cyclocomputer itself.

These Specialized Tero X are already available at the brand's points of sale, starting the range at €4,350 for the Tero X 4.0, equipped with SRAM SX Eagle. In the intermediate step, the Tero X 5.0 will be priced at 5,200 € choosing for its drivetrain a GS Eagle while at the top of its setups the 6.0, with SRAM Eagle X01 rises to 6,200 €.



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Nueva Specialized Tero X 2023