New Look 795 BLADE RS & 796 MONOBLADE RS

Road 21/06/23 12:00 Migue A.

The historic French brand evolves its benchmark racing bikes to further improve their outstanding performance. Bikes that we will be able to see during the next Tour de France ridden by the Cofidis team cyclists, whose needs, suggestions and opinions have been essential in the development of these new models.

Look develops Cofidis's weapons for the Tour

To speak of the Look 795 Blade RS and 796 Monoblade RS is to speak of the most advanced machines in the French brand's range. The first is a modern all-purpose competition bike, a strong and light climber that has been equipped with the, nowadays, obligatory aerodynamic qualities. On the other side, the 796 Monoblade RS, a spectacular time trial machine created with the sole purpose of speed.

In both bikes, the brand has worked intensively on optimizing the high modulus carbon laminate that makes up its frames, seeking the eternal goal of improving stiffness while reducing weight.

In particular, the 795 Blade RS has improved its aerodynamics by 10% compared to its predecessor, optimizing details such as the position of the bottle cage or its handlebar and stem set. On the other hand, the brand has focused on improving the stiffness of the rear axle, achieving an increase of 7% over the previous version.

In the words of Cofidis rider Simon Geschke, who has been using the bike throughout the season, "This bike is fast, and not only that, but it also maintains a constant speed, which is vitally important. It also performs flawlessly on any terrain, thanks to its extreme riding precision."

A bike with a frame weighing just 905 g thanks to the new high modulus carbon fibers used in its manufacture and which will be available in setups with Dura-Ace or Corima MMC Evo 47 wheels, achieving setups of around 7 kg that will be priced between 12,990 € and 8,490 €. As usual, there will also be the option of choosing the frame kit priced at €5,390.

Breaking the chrono

On the other hand we have the specific 796 Monoblade RS in which the most remarkable aspect at first sight is the incorporation of disc brakes in its time trial machine. A bike of which Cofidis team rider Benjamin Thomas, who recently won the 4 Days of Dunkirk time trial with this bike, highlights that "What excited me most was its stiffness, responsiveness in accelerations and aerodynamics meticulously developed for high-speed cycling. The handlebar setup has been optimized to provide a smooth and effortless riding experience."

Look has worked on reducing the weight of the frame with the same technique of increasing the percentage of use of high modulus fibers. Work has also been done to improve aerodynamics and, above all, ergonomics, an important aspect of a time trial bike, to make it easy to achieve the most efficient position. Details such as the new Aeropost seatpost design, reversible and with a sliding head for a greater range of adjustment, or the new Aeroflat handlebars add free speed to this bike.

A machine that will only be available as a single frame option with a price of 6,990 €.



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Nuevas Look 795 BLADE RS Y 796 MONOBLADE RS