New Leatt Endurance collection for XC and Gravel

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Leatt Endurance introduces a new range of products named 'Endurance' designed for those cyclists who spend long hours practicing XC or gravel. The collection of the South African brand, which also has a women's line, offers a wide range of helmets, bib shorts, jerseys, jackets, vests, and gloves.

Leatt Endurance: equipment for endurance cyclists of XC and gravel 

Leatt is back with a collection of helmets and clothing that aims to conquer the wardrobe of every XC and gravel cyclist who spends long days on the pedals. The range follows the philosophy of the South African firm, in which they have tried to combine the quality of the products with a differentiating and fresh style. In addition, they have presented several designs of each piece to please the tastes of as many people as possible.

The brand partnered with Georg Egger and Lukas Baum to develop Endurance. The winning pair of the Cape Epic 2022 -and second place in last year's edition- explained that "we need equipment that performs as well as we do when we cover long distances". Thus, Leatt took care of collecting their experience and knowledge to fine-tune the result.

The range starts with the helmets: MTB Endurance 3.0 and MTB Endurance 4.0. Both helmets are equipped with Turbine 360º technology for a "superior protection of the head and brain", according to the brand, which explains that it helps to reduce brain acceleration by up to 30% at speeds associated with concussions, as well as maximum brain rotational acceleration by up to 40%. In the same line of safety, the molded Power Bridge "disperses impact forces for even greater protection".

Leatt has used composite polymer for its manufacture. In addition, they have several air channels that facilitate ventilation and breathability. The helmets have a Fidlock buckle and the design allows for comfortable and secure placement of glasses.

The MTB Endurance 3.0 is available at a price of 149.99 euros -three sizes and five colors-, while the MTB Endurance 4.0, lighter, is available for 189.99 euros -three sizes and four colors-.

The jackets and vests have a windproof and breathable ripstop fabric, as well as a dirt-resistant coating. On the back and underarms, a mesh stands out that aids in ventilation, while the reflective details on the back and front improve visibility.

The range offers three colors in men's jackets and two in women's jackets, while the vests are available in two colors for both genders.

The jersey is thin and fits well to the cyclist's anatomy -with an ergonomic pattern capable of adapting to an aggressive riding position- with a pleasant feel on the skin. In addition, it is made with eco-friendly materials that offer sun protection and cooling effects.

Leatt has launched two versions that can be found in four colors each for both the men's and women's line.

In the bib shorts the manufacturer has emphasized the chamois, which have a total of four layers of padding that aim to smoothly accompany the movement of the body. The range is characterized by large pockets on the back and leg that facilitate storage.

As with the jerseys, in the case of the bib shorts there are also two versions that can be found in two colors each for both men and women.

Finally, the Endurance gloves prevent hand numbness, according to Leatt, by having "biomedically designed" palms that allow for improved blood flow and relieve nerve pressure. On the other hand, the X-Flow upper part features ventilated mesh and knuckles reinforced with abrasion protection.

The range is divided into two types: the cut gloves are available in four colors for men and women; while the long gloves are unisex and can be found in four colors.

You can find more information on the Leatt website.



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Você prefere ler a versão em português?

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