New Campagnolo Hyperon: a perfect choice to save a lot of money for only 100g difference

Road 24/10/23 18:00 Migue A.

At the beginning of the year Campagnolo surprised us with the revival of the very light Hyperon Ultra for its catalogue. Now it has transferred many of the characteristics of these to the new Hyperon, bringing the performance of one of Campagnolo's most sought-after models to a wider range of pockets.

The magic of the Campagnolo Hyperon at a more affordable price

Campagnolo's Hyperon model has historically been one of the desires of many cyclists, especially those looking for ultra-light wheels with maximum performance. However, this level of quality, especially at today's prices in the world of cycling, comes at a tremendously high cost.

To make it possible for more cyclists to enjoy the great performance of these wheels, Campagnolo is launching the Hyperon, without the Ultra surname that identifies the top of the range, offering similar characteristics in exchange for a slight increase in weight of only 100 g, leaving the pair of these Hyperon wheels at a still very competitive 1,340 g.

Like the top versions, the Campagnolo Hyperon has the same H.U.L.C. carbon rim, or handmade ultralight carbon, which is the meaning of this acronym, with a 37 mm profile and an internal width of 21 mm. A medium to low profile for maximum weight savings and strength. Of course, they feature 2-Way Fit technology to allow the mounting of tubeless tyres without the need for a rim tape.

Unlike the Ultra model, however, these new Hyperon wheels do not hide the spoke nipples inside. There are also differences in the hubs which, while maintaining a similar construction, do not feature the exquisite CULT bearings and instead use conventional steel bearings. In addition, there are differences in the hub, which instead of using the lightened model of its N3W system used by the Ultra, uses a conventional N3W hub. In addition, Campagnolo also has HG cores for Shimano and XDR for SRAM.

These differences mean that the new Hyperon is priced at €2,690, still an expensive price but 27% less than the Ultra model for a difference between the two models that most people will not be able to perceive.



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Nuevas Campagnolo Hyperon: una opción perfecta para ahorrar mucho dinero por solo 100g