The MTB dropper posts return to the Milan-San Remo

Road 18/03/23 16:53 Migue A.

Matej Mohoric will try to repeat his spectacular victory from last year in the Milan-San Remo that takes place tomorrow, playing his enormous skill in descents enhanced with the help of a MTB dropper post with which to gain stability and control over the bike with which to make the difference in a technical and short descent like the Poggio.

UPDATE: Finally Mohoric has competed with a FSA Flowtron dropper post and not with the FOX Transfer from last year. It can be seen in a video shared by the team.

Will Mohoric's dropper post make the difference again?

It is complicated that the situation will be repeated, especially with all his rivals warned that they have to keep a close eye on Matej Mohoric in the descent from Poggio but, surely, the Slovenian will try again to take advantage of his refined technique in descents thanks to the help of the dropper post with which he surprised us in last year's edition and which is mounted on his bike since the Strade Bianche race in which the surprising attack of Pidcock on the ascent of Monte Santa Maria prevented him from playing his card at Bahrain-Victorious.

We remind you that dropper posts, common on mountain bikes, allow the cyclist's center of gravity to be lowered, which means greater stability. At the same time, it provides more free space to the cyclist which improves the control of the bicycle. We could see it, applied to the road bike in the terrifying descent that Mohoric gave us, tracing the curves practically from end to end of the road that goes down to San Remo and that, for those who do not know it live, which will be the majority, let me tell you that it is a very fast, narrow descent with tight curves but quite banked where the head asks to brake but, knowing it, they can really be tackled quickly, precisely where the technical ability of the cyclist comes into play.

In an image shown on Bahrain-Victorious's Twitter, it could be observed Matej's bike already prepared for the Milan-San Remo race. By the way, the tweet did not allude to the seatpost but to the recovery of the Slovenian's Garmin cycle computer, which was stolen a few days ago and Mohoric himself asked the one who had taken it to send him the training file, that he could keep the Garmin.

In the publication, it can be observed that the dropper post he mounts is a Fox Transfer SL, a model of just 167 grams oriented to use on XCO/Marathon and Gravel bikes, in the case of the option chosen by Mohoric last year, with 6 cm of travel. One of the reasons for this last choice, apart from the fact that options with more travel limited the ability to pedal out of the curves, is to comply with the UCI regulation that refers to the minimum setback that the saddle must have, set at 5 centimeters. With a seatpost in which the saddle goes down too much, this limit could be exceeded as the setback is reduced when it is lowered.

It is also observed in the Bahrain-Victorious publication that Mohoric continues to use the same solution for its operation, a modified Grip Shift lever to leave it in its minimum expression and that is located on the curve of the handlebar on the right side.

In any case, the use of the dropper post forces Matej Mohoric to opt for Merida's climbing bike, the Scultura model that maintains a conventional round seatpost compared to the aerodynamic profile ones that almost all the bikes in the peloton use today, including the aerodynamic Reacto that Bahrain-Victorious riders usually use on flat routes like the Milan-San Remo.



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