Movie theft at Pinarello: 19 bikes valued at 250,000 €

Road 27/11/23 15:17 Migue A.

Not one, but two robberies on the same day, both perfectly planned and executed, left the Pinarello headquarters in Treviso without some of the jewels of its showroom. A plot worthy of a film that proves once again that, on many occasions, reality ends up surpassing fiction.

Thieves hit Pinarello's head office

It could well be the script for a film, but no, what happened at the Pinarello headquarters just outside Treviso a few days ago is completely true. A spectacular double robbery in which no less than 19 bikes were stolen from the Italian brand's exhibition at its headquarters, valued at a huge €250,000.

The first of the robberies took place at around 3am, with the thieves arriving in a van, completely hooded and wearing gloves to avoid leaving clues. They entered the building through one of the emergency exits and went straight to the exhibition area to make off with 12 bikes, some €150,000 in total. A meticulously planned robbery in which the thieves, in the barely 3 minutes it lasted, went straight for the most select models in the collection.

Not satisfied with their haul, the thieves returned the same day at around 11 p.m. and, using the same modus operandi, made off with 7 more bikes, these valued at around €100,000.

A story that repeats itself all too often, especially in shops with a large exhibition area or during competitions with professional cyclists as the main victims. A good example of this is the theft suffered in 2021 by the Italian track team from which no less than 22 bikes were stolen during the World Championships of the speciality.

We said that this is a story that is beginning to repeat itself all too often given the high value of top-of-the-range models and the relative simplicity of stealing a bike. Models that also, in general, tend to have a good resale price on second-hand websites, which makes it a very good business for those who have found in bikes a new vein on which to set their sights.



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