New Kask Elemento, the most advanced XC and road helmet of the brand

Bike Equipment 17/05/23 14:10 Migue A.

The Italian manufacturer Kask has just presented its new Elemento helmet, a high-end model that has been developed for competition and used for months by the Ineos Grenadier cyclists, both on the road and in XC. The Kask Elemento features exclusive technologies such as Fluid Carbon 12 and Multipod.

New Kask Elemento: one step ahead

The new Kask Elemento is a racing helmet whose main features should be lightness, ventilation and protection. And among its main figures we must highlight the 260g it weighs in size M and its price of 375 €. Two details as important as they are related.

This is an exclusive helmet that Kask has optimized thanks to its compact design and the use of several new technologies, such as the Fluid Carbon 12 panels, incorporated into the shell of the helmet, which help to better distribute energy in case of impact, or the system of internal 3D printed pads called Multipod.

"Fluid Carbon 12 is a thermoplastic that has 30% carbon fiber," explained Luca Viano, product manager at Kask. "However, these fibers are 20 mm long, which are significantly longer than the normal fibers used in thermoplastics like this, which tend to be around 2 mm long."

"The long fibers create a structure like a cage or a net, which protects better from impact, but also distributes energies from one side of the helmet to the other, attenuating them better."

In addition, Kask claims that Fluid Carbon 12 technology has improved the helmet's breathability.

"The inclusion of Fluid Carbon 12 has made it possible to remove some of the EPS from the shell. Fluid Carbon 12 takes up less space and leaves more room for air circulation, so the ventilation of the Elemento has been improved even though the helmet vents have been reduced in size, which also improves aerodynamics," says Viano.

As for the helmet's 3D printed Multipod inner structure, it is an isotropic material that allows better management of rotational impact energy and increases ventilation. It behaves in the same way when a force is applied to it from any direction and can reduce the shear stress between the head and the inside of the helmet.

It cannot be ignored that its price places it as perhaps the most expensive road helmet of the moment, but that does not seem to be a barrier for the target audience and Kask claims to have already received more than 15,000 purchase requests.

It is available in 6 colors and three different sizes and more information about it can be found directly on the Kask website.



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Nuevo Kask Elemento, el casco más avanzado de la marca para XC y carretera