New Fulcrum Red Zone Carbon+ wheels: a "Plus" for the brand's star model in MTB

Mountain bike 29/11/23 22:23 Migue A.

The wheel manufacturer Fulcrum presents the new Red Zone Carbon+. A "Plus" upgrade of their flagship model for XC and Marathon. The brand assures that they improve the handling and reactivity by +9.5% and +10%, respectively, compared to their previous version.

New Fulcrum Red Zone Carbon+ Wheels

The new Fulcrum Red Zone Carbon+ rims have been developed directly in competition with the help of cyclists from the Buff-Megamo team, among others. After months of analysis and testing, Fulcrum achieved an optimal configuration just before the Cape Epic 2023, and the result was a 1,385 gram wheel made with a mix of resins and unidirectional high modulus FF100 fibers, produced according to the brand's specifications. A construction that maintains and perfects all the structural characteristics and implements all the best technologies of the Italian brand.

The rims feature a 26 mm profile and a 28 mm internal channel, an ideal combination for mounting tires between 2.2 and 2.4". The asymmetric NIP(PLE) FORCE shape of the Red Zone Carbon rim is maintained and the MoMag and DSRC technologies have been included.

The MoMAGTM technology, the internal channel does not have holes in the bridge, allows immediate, comfortable and safe tubeless use. In addition, the absence of holes guarantees a more resistant and rigid rim structure compared to a perforated rim, as the fiber never presents interruptions.

Sunk among the carbon fibers, in the hole area of the nipple, there is a specific component: it is the DSRC - Direct Rim Spoke Coupling technology. This element offers greater overall solidity, ensuring that the nipples sit correctly in place, guaranteeing a uniform distribution of forces, as well as a perfect alignment of the spokes between rim and hub.

The bearings continue to be of the cone-cup type, but have been improved with USB™ ceramic bearings (Ceramic Ultra Smooth Bearings), which further increase the fluidity level of the wheels and reduce both weight and maintenance. Comparative tests have shown that USB™ bearings are 50% more fluid than sealed bearings.

The new Fulcrum Red Zone Carbon+ improve handling and reactivity by +9.5% and +10%, respectively, compared to the Red Zone Carbon.

Comparison between versions





24 front 28 rear

24 front 24 rear 4 less spokes


Cup and cone

Cup and cone Ceramic USB™ 

Handling score


805 improvement +9.5%

Reactivity score


284 improvement +10%


1,445 g

1,385 g 60 g less

The new Fulcrum Red Zone Carbon+ will be available from this November and their price will be 2,177€ for the XD version and 2,191€ for the MS12 version.



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