What are the financial prizes in the Giro d'Italia 2023?

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Beyond the glory of winning the maglia rosa and one of the three grand tours by stages, the 2023 Giro d'Italia that is about to begin has some juicy financial prizes that often mean an important extra for the riders who win them, as the tradition is to share the prize money among all the members of the squads.

How much does a cyclist earn in the Giro d'Italia?

Beyond the salaries received by the cyclists and the staff of the teams, salaries which, except in the case of the big stars, are far from the astronomical figures that are handled in other more multitudinous sports, the prizes that are reaped in the different races are an important reinforcement of their income, especially when it comes to second level riders or the assistants and mechanics.

In the case of the Giro d'Italia 2023, the total prize money amounts to €1,500,000, of which a significant percentage goes to the winners of the general classification. The winner of the Giro will pocket €265,000, €133,000 will go to the runner-up and €68,000 to the third-placed rider.

Meanwhile, partial stage victories are rewarded with €11,010 for the first 20 finishers of each day, progressively decreasing to €276 for the 20th rider to cross the finish line. Meanwhile, the winner of the maglia rosa each day receives €2,000.

The secondary classifications are also another good source of income. In the case of the maglia cyclamino, the top three in the Traguardo Volante of each stage get €700, €400 and €200 respectively, with the leader of the classification each day getting another €750. At the end of the race, the winner of the maglia cyclamino gets a not inconsiderable €10,000. The same figures, both the daily and final amounts, are obtained by the leader of the junior classification.

In the case of the mountain jersey, each mountain pass awards €700, €400 and €200 to the first three riders to cross the summit. The leader of the classification will receive €750 daily, while the overall winner of the mountains will receive a prize of €5,000.

In addition, the Giro has a number of other prizes such as €100 per day for the rider who rides the most kilometres in the breakaway, a figure that at the end of the Giro will amount to €4,800 for the most adventurous rider. There is also the combativeness prize, which has a daily allowance of €250 and €4,000 for the most combative rider of the Giro d'Italia.

These figures seem modest in comparison with other sports, especially if we take into account that this is one of the three most important races in the world but, as we indicated at the beginning, they are a good complement for a good part of the members of cycling, especially for those who move in the background but who are an essential part of the triumphs achieved by each team.



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