This World Tour team will have Decathlon as sponsor and Van Rysel bikes in 2024

Road 18/07/23 14:59 Migue A.


There have been rumors for a few months that the AG2R team would be riding Van Rysel bikes in 2024, but now those rumors are going further, with Decathlon coming in next season as one of the team's main sponsors.

The new Van Rysel RCR has not yet been presented and could be the official bike of AG2R Decathlon? in 2024.

Decathlon would come in as a co-primary sponsor and will use Van Rysel bicycles

First advanced by the Dutch media Het Laast Nieuws and then confirmed by L'Equipe, Citroën will not continue as a sponsor of the AG2R team in 2024. In its place, a new French partner is expected to arrive and all rumors point to sports giant Decathlon.

In April it was already known that the AG2R team will be racing with Van Rysel bikes next year and the arrival of Decathlon in the World Tour would only confirm the path that Decathlon took a few seasons ago to be in top competition.

This Van Rysel XCR time trial is not yet homologated by the UCI and has not yet been officially presented, but we will probably see it in the Grand Tours of 2024.

The Van Rysel brand signs all the high-end road bikes and equipment at Decathlon and we already gave you an exclusive preview of some of the models they were preparing for 2024. Like the Van Rysel RCR, a new model of aerolight bike with which the AG2R team will probably race next season. In addition, it also has a time trial model ready, the Van Rysel XCR, which surprised everyone at the Kortrij show earlier this year but which takes on a new meaning with the arrival of the brand on the World Tour circuit.



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