Pidcock, Van Aert and Van der Poel against each other: all the CX races they will coincide in this season

Cyclocross 29/11/23 18:12 Migue A.

With the reduction of their cyclo-cross calendars to a minimum, we will only be able to enjoy 6 direct confrontations between the three great dominators of the current cyclo-cross. A calendar coincidence that will take place mainly in World Cup races including, for the second consecutive year, the one that will be held in Benidorm on January 21st.

Pidcock, Van Aert and Van der Poel will only meet in 6 cyclocross races

The clashes between the 3 greats of cyclo-cross today, with the permission of the regulars of this modality, are on their way to becoming a select event. Only 6 races will count with the presence of Pidcock, Van Aert and Van der Poel this season thanks to the very reduced calendar of the three who have prioritised their next important mountain bike season in the case of Pidcock, in which he will try to revalidate his Olympic gold medal and road in the case of Van Aert, who has finally decided to win a great cobblestone classic as a prelude to his participation in the Giro d'Italia.

Mathieu van der Poel is the least pressured and the one who will extend his cyclo-cross season, mainly trying to continue making history by adding one more rainbow jersey to his record, which would be his 6th after the one he won just under a year ago.

For his part, Wout van Aert will be the first to join the cyclo-cross season, making his debut in a couple of weekends at the Exact Cross in Essen.

The clashes between the three will take place in World Cup races: Antwerp, Gavere, Hulst, Zonhoven and Benidorm, to which will be added the X2O race on the beautiful Koksijde circuit, one of the favourite races of all cyclocross riders.

There will be two more duels between Van der Poel and Van Aert, specifically at the Exact Cross in Mol, which will be the Dutchman's debut this season, and at the X2O in Baal. There will also be a single head-to-head between Van der Poel and Pidcock at the Diegem Superprestige.


  Mathieu van der Poel Wout van Aert Tom Pidcock
Exact Cross Essen 09/12/23   X  
X2O Herentals 16/12/2023     X
Namur World Cup 17/12/2023     X
Exact Cross Mol 22/12/2023 X X  
Antwerpen World Cup 23/12/2023 X X X
Gavere World Cup 26/12/2023 X X X
Superprestige Heusden-Zolder 27/12/2023   X  
Superprestige Diegem 28/12/2023 X   X
Exact Cross Loenhout 29/12/2023 X    
Hulst World Cup 30/12/2023 X X X

X2O Baal 01/01/2024

X X  
X2O Koksijde 04/01/2024 X X X
Gullegem 06/01/2024     X
Zonhoven World Cup 07/01/2023 X X X
Benidorm World Cup 21/01/2024 X X X
X2O Hamme 27/01/2024 X    
Hoogerheide World Cup 28/01/2024 X    
Tabor World Championships 04/02/2024 X    



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