Curiosities about the carbon fiber. The material that changed the world

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When we went from steel to aluminum in cycling, this sport underwent a great revolution. Bikes began to weigh less and aluminum was the material used to manufacture all premium bicycles. The next great advance is carbon fiber, a synthetic material that landed a few years ago in this sport and has changed the way bicycles and components are manufactured.

Curiosities about the carbon fiber 

Nowadays there are many things manufactured in carbon fiber and here you can find some curious facts about carbon fiber that surely many of you do not know.

fibra de carbono

1.Strong and light

Carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel but lighter than aluminum. It is mainly composed of carbon atoms that join together to form crystals. Therefore, the material is very resistant but with little volume.

2.Not all carbon fiber comes from Asia 

Although it is true that the vast majority comes from Taiwan and China, there are also some factories dedicated to carbon fiber, which are located in France and the USA. However the main use of this carbon fiber is for aerospace materials.

 tubos de fibra de carbono

3.Two thirds of the world's carbon fiber is produced by three companies

The ninety percent of carbon fiber that is produced in the world comes only from six different companies: Toray, Toho Tenax, Mitsubishi Rayon, Zoltek, Hexcel, and Cytec. The first three produce more than two thirds of the world's carbon fiber and are headquartered in Asia, the other three produce less than a third and are located in the USA.


4.There is more than one type of carbon fiber

There is more than one type of carbon fiber and depending on the type of component to which it is directed, one or another will be used. Berria's high-end frames, for example, are made with TeXtreme, a high-quality carbon fiber, while fake carbon fiber frames are made with low-quality fibers.

.fibra de carbono

5.All fiber carbon frames are handmade

The carbon fiber is very resistant and very light but nevertheless still requires human labor. To manufacture any frame or component that includes carbon fiber it is necessary that an operator has previously shaped the fiber.

6.20 years ago, nobody wanted carbon fiber on her bicycles

In a recent publication the website claimed that 20 years ago they did a survey asking their readers what material they preferred for their bike among aluminum, steel, titanium or carbon fiber. The carbon fiber was the last choice.



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