Classified launches an app for its Powershift system

Bike Equipment 13/12/23 17:09 Migue A.

Classified continues to evolve its hub-integrated electronic shifting system, aiming to eliminate the need for a derailleur. The latest update involves the introduction of a mobile app that allows users to customize various parameters of the Powershift hub's operation or carry out firmware updates.

Keep your Classified Powershift hub up to date with its new app

Classified is committed to eliminating front derailleurs from bikes thanks to its Powershift hubs, which integrate a system of two electronically actuated gear ratios that make it possible to do without what is usually the weak point of the transmission, the chainring shift.

Now, Classified takes its system a step further with the launch of a mobile app that not only allows you to check the battery status of the Powershift or carry out firmware updates as the brand releases them, but also to play with some parameters so that the Powershift operation is maximally suited to our needs.

For the time being, beyond the information provided, the only option offered is to customize the operation of the buttons that allow you to change the ratio, although Classified will surely add new options in subsequent versions.

As usual, the app will be available for both Apple mobiles through its App Store and for Android mobiles from Google Play.



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Classified lanza una app para su sistema Powershift


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Classified lance une application pour son système Powershift


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