Classified arrives at ENVE and the system continues to gain ground

Road 17/04/24 17:04 Migue A.

Classified continues to expand its reach in the world of cycling in its quest to popularize its two-speed Powershift internal hub, designed to eliminate the front derailleur without sacrificing gear range or proper gear scaling. Thanks to the agreement with ENVE, we will be able to have top-of-the-line wheels equipped with this unique shifting system.

Switch to the Classified system with top-level wheels

Since we first learned about the Classified Powershift rear hub, we knew it was a great idea. Being able to have a huge range of gears, without giving up perfectly scaled gears, and at the same time, having the mechanical reliability that comes with using a single-chainring setup.

Until now, the options for having a Classified Powershift hub were limited and mainly limited to the generic carbon rims with which Classified marketed its hubs, as well as, for example, the collaboration with Ridley that offered some of its gravel bikes with the Powershift as an option.

Now, thanks to the agreement with ENVE, Classified takes a step forward by partnering with one of the most reputable manufacturers of exclusive wheels, which immediately adds that aura of exclusivity to the Powershift hub as well.

It is expected that the first units of ENVE wheels mounted with Classified Powershift will be available in early May, assemblies that will be available with their aerodynamic SES road wheels, priced at €2,999; with the G-Series gravel models that will have a price of €2,699; and on the Foundation mountain bike wheels, which will cost €1,499.




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