Cadex Amp saddle: 129g of comfort

Road 28/07/23 10:00 Migue A.

When it comes to saddles, comfort and weight are often contradictory parameters, except for the latest creation from Cadex, Giant's premium components company, which has reconciled these two characteristics in its Amp saddle thanks to its carbon monocoque structure in which the shell and rails are made in a single piece.

Cadex adds the Amp saddle to its range that improves on the already acclaimed Boost saddle

Achieving maximum cyclist performance on the bike starts with the points of contact between the rider and the machine. Of these, the saddle is perhaps the most critical since it is responsible for keeping the hip stable during pedaling and must do so while maintaining sufficient absorption capacity to prevent impacts from being reflected in our body. However, traditionally, achieving these qualities has meant paying a toll on the scales, something that does not happen with the new Cadex Amp saddle.

This Cadex Amp has a cut nose design, in the current trend to reduce the support in the perineal area to transfer it to the ischia, so its rear is widened, 145 mm, and offers a slight upward curve at its end to accommodate the rider when he adopts an inclined position on the handlebars improving the transfer of force to avoid sliding backwards when applying force.

Contrary to what usually happens with ultralight saddles, the Cadex Amp has a generous padding made with foam that incorporates fluid particles, a kind of high elasticity gel. To prevent the weight from increasing, the structure of the Amp is built in a monocoque piece of injected carbon and resin in which both the saddle shell and the rails are integrated, leaving the final weight at a spectacular 129 grams.

It is remarkable in this position the point where the rails are placed at the rear, located to allow the right flexion of the casing and thus increase comfort without losing the necessary stability.

Although it is a saddle with sporty lines, its greater width compared to the other model in the range, the Boost, and its tremendous level of comfort also make it suitable for the cyclist who always wants to shave a few grams off his bike without sacrificing performance.

Cadex Amp. saddle Technical Data

  • Price: 255 €
  • Weight: 129 g
  • Width: 145 mm
  • Length: 245 mm
  • Height: 44 mm
  • Rails: Carbon 7x9 mm





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Sillín Cadex Amp: 129g de confort