Another epic celebration that ends in a crash

Road 27/11/23 10:24 Migue A.

What looked like an epic entrance over the finish line ended in disaster once again. Gerson Toc (Decoba-ASO Quetzaltenango) won the Vuelta Ciclistica Internacional a Guatemala 2023 just a few hours ago and decided to celebrate by entering the finish line hugging his teammates, but things don't always go as planned.

Things don't always turn out the way we imagine

For those of us who are not very skilful on the bike, there are certain movements of the professionals that we wouldn't even think of imitating on the bike, such as removing a stone from the road when riding at 35 km/h or just letting go of the hands to put on some clothes. But the professionals are supposed to have a great deal of skill that sometimes ends in an accident. The latest was the one involving Gerson Toc and his team, and if it's hard enough to trust yourself sometimes, it's even harder to trust the skills of others.

Fortunately there were no injuries, Toc finished the tenth stage and was proclaimed winner of the Vuelta Ciclistica Internacional a Guatemala.



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