Almost €10,000 for the new Lightweight Meilenstein Evo Gold

Road 08/02/24 16:36 Migue A.

That the wheels were going to end up costing as much as a good bike was something many people assumed. Now, this becomes a reality with the launch by Lightweight of a limited edition of their famous Meilenstein, whose decoration is made with 23-karat gold leaf. These are very special wheels that serve to pay tribute to the brand's founder, Heinz Obermayer.

The Lightweight Meilestein Evo Gold are worth their weight in gold

How to make what is already exclusive even more exclusive? This is what the Germans at Lightweight must have asked themselves when devising this limited edition of their flagship wheels, the Lightweight Meilestein Evo.

Not content with having in their catalog the Obermayer versions that already take their different models to excellence, the Friedichshafen brand, as a nod to the Olympic year, let's not forget that Richard Carapaz won gold in Tokyo using these wheels; and also, seeking to pay tribute to Heinz Obermayer, co-founder of the brand in 1984, has decided to create a limited edition of their Lightweight Meilenstein of which only 99 sets will be produced, which will be distributed equally between Europe, America and the Asia-Pacific region.

These Lightweight Meilenstein Evo Signature Gold Edition, as their name already allows us to guess, use gold to display their identifying graphics, specifically, their logos use 23-karat gold leaf which raises the price to almost 10,000 € for these, already exquisite wheels.

Despite being a limited edition, these Lightweight Meilenstein Evo Gold maintain a similar weight to the conventional edition, which leaves the pair at a enviable 1,230 g and a stiffness unattainable for the rest of the models on the market, as well as a resistance that allows these wheels to be used without problem even on gravel terrain.

Of course, they maintain their characteristic structure of continuously molded carbon spokes or the pentagonal front hub with which, according to Lightweigt's tests, braking is improved by avoiding torsions. Meanwhile, the rear hub houses inside its carbon body the mechanics and the Ratchet System freewheel of some DT Swiss 240.

Really, we are facing wheels similar to the conventional Meilestein model to which its decoration in authentic 23-karat gold adds an added value in addition to the exclusivity of having a model of which only 99 units have been made.



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