From €7.99 to €1999: we choose 15 perfect cyclist gifts from Decathlon

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Decathlon is one of the favorite stores for many cyclists and for the majority of athletes, so here we bring you a selection of bicycles, equipment and components that we think are perfect for a cyclist gift of any price. 

15 Decathlon Christmas gifts for cyclists

Rockrider RACE 900 GX - 1,999€

This is not the first time we recommend this mountain bike and it will not be the last. It is the competition rigid frame that the Ford Rockrider team is currently using in the World Cup and with such a well-chosen setup that its final price continues to surprise anyone who adds up the price of its components separately.

Rockrider RACE 900 GX

Van Rysel NCR CF Tiagra - 1,599€

This Van Rysel model is perfect for those looking for a carbon road bike without pretensions. It is stiff, light, has a modern geometry and is very versatile, so much so that 35 mm tyres can be mounted on it to ride on gravel tracks.

Van Rysel NCR CF Tiagra

Van Rysel D100 Roller - 249.99€

We predicted weeks ago that this would be one of the gifts for this Christmas and it could not be missing here. It is a direct transmission interactive turbo trainer with Bluetooth connection for less than 250€. Something of this quality and features at that price was simply unthinkable just a few months ago.

Van Rysel D100 Roller

Van Rysel RCR Shoes -169€

They have just arrived at the Decathlon catalog and have already become one of the most sought-after models. These RCR shoes have been developed by World Tour professional cyclists and have a 100% carbon sole, double BOA type closure and an attractive yet functional design. Their performance is on par with the best in the peloton but their price is much lower.

Van Rysel RCR Shoes

Rockrider Shoes for MTB or Gravel - 89.99€

If you are looking for comfortable shoes but with a rigid sole for MTB or Gravel, these Race 900 are a good option and with great value for money. They have a nylon sole and a BOA type closure.

Rockrider Race 900 Shoes

Folding bike workshop stand - 83.99€

Any cycling enthusiast likes to do their own bike maintenance, even if it's just cleaning or greasing it. This stand is perfect for doing it without having to be bent over or worried about the bike falling over. Plus, it's foldable and will take up little space when not in use.


Bike workshop stand

Cycling travel backpack - 79.99€ 

This backpack is one of the most sought after by all those cyclists who travel to races or other places with their bike. In it we can transport everything necessary, such as helmet, shoes, inflation pump, maintenance products, clothes, etc. You only have to see the number of cyclists, professionals and amateurs, who use this model when they travel to different competitions to confirm that it is a perfect product.

Cycling travel backpack

MTB waterproof jacket - 74.99€

To feel safe when we do mountain bike routes in winter there is nothing like wearing a waterproof jacket or in the backpack. This Rockrider is not one of those hyperlight ones that can break at the first touch with a tree, it is a 3-layer jacket with a waterproof membrane, robust and ready to accompany you for a few years on your outings in the mountains. It is full of smart details like adjustments and specific pockets for MTB or a hood that we can put over the helmet.

MTB waterproof jacket


Van Rysel high-definition photochromic glasses - 69.99€

These high-quality photochromic glasses are signed by Van Rysel and have a very current and light design with a panoramic lens without structure.

Van Rysel Glasses

Down jacket - 44.99€

If you find it strange to find a down jacket in this selection of cycling gifts we will tell you that it is one of the most used garments in routes or long bikepacking trips. The professional cyclist Lachlan Morton is a regular user of down jackets in his adventures and many cycling brands already include some model in their catalogs. This one from Forclaz seems to us very good for its price and compactness.

Down jacket

Van Rysel Roadr 900 Photochromic Glasses - 44.99€

If you prefer glasses with a little more structure, these Van Rysel Roadr 900 with photochromic lens seem to us other great option and for a price of only 45 €.

 Van Rysel Roadr 900

Van Rysel Roadr 900 glasses

MTB belt bag with hydration - 44.99€

Fanny packs are in fashion in MTB and this Rockrider seems to us a perfect model as it has a hydration system that will allow us to go out with it for one-day routes without having to carry the backpack.

Rockrider belt bag

Van Rysel Vest - 39.99€

The vest is one of the must-have garments that any cyclist should have in their closet. This one from Van Rysel is ultralight and compact.

Van Rysel vest

Merino wool cap - 19.99€

For days when it's cold, there's nothing better than wearing a warm cycling cap under your helmet. This one from Van Rysel is made of merino wool, a perfect fabric for cyclists due to its thermo-regulating properties. It is available in two colors and also covers the lower back of the neck and ears.

Van Rysel merino wool cap

Van Rysel thermal shirt -7.99€

A basic in any winter cycling equipment is a thermal undershirt and this Van Rysel seems to us a perfect and very practical gift for less than 10 €.

Van Rysel termal shirt



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