Turn your bike into a game console with these Zwift controllers

Training 15/06/23 10:02 Migue A.

Zwift introduces the first controllers designed specifically for use on the platform. The Zwift Play are attached to the handlebar band and allow you to control the screen without touching it or using the keyboard. During the first months it will have a discounted price of 99 euros, although later it will be fixed at 149 euros.

Zwift Play: the controllers that will turn your bike into a video console

Years ago, Zwift stopped being a simple training camp to become a springboard to the professional elite. The platform created the Zwift Academy to provide this possibility that has allowed us to meet cyclists of the stature of Jay Vine. After a few days ago it became known that they will once again be part of the ESports Olympics, now they are back in the limelight with the first controllers created for Zwift.

Zwift Play is intended to mark a turning point in how cyclists use the platform. These controllers are attached to the handlebars with silicone straps, making them quick and easy to mount and remove.

Thus, users can operate the game controllers from the handlebars themselves. The company hopes that this ease of use will encourage existing users to connect more often to Zwift, as is already the case with Zwift Companion, a type of customer that is 2 to 3 times more active than non-users.

The left controller carries the directional control; that is, it allows navigating through game menus and selecting turns or U-Turns as users explore virtual worlds.

The right controller, however, concentrates the shortcut buttons for selecting in the menus and, when in motion, will serve to give Ride On's, deploy PowerUps, skip training blocks, teleport to Pacer Groups, among other functions.

Both controllers have a design similar to that of other game console controllers; a detail that allows control without having to take your eyes off the game.

In addition, they also have cams that perform the functions of steering -if moving outward- and braking -if moving inward-.

The launch of the Zwift Play will be made in conjunction with a new Zwift Play Beta gaming experience. The brand has announced that the first of these experiences will be the revamped Repack Rush, formerly known as Repack Ridge. With this, some features of the new controllers will be showcased.

During this period of launches, which will take place in the coming months, the Zwift Play will have a discounted price of 99 euros. After this period, the price of the controllers will be 149 euros.



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