Schwarzbauer gives a lesson of intelligence and legs to win the Lenzerheide XCC

Mountain bike 09/06/23 18:25 Migue A.

Schwarzbauer wins the Lenzerheide XCC with a brilliant move on the last lap to take the lead from Sarrou. The German flew to the finish and left his rivals with no options. The Frenchman from BMC finished second and Fini Carstensen took the third step of the podium.

Schwarzbauer again proves his great form with victory at the XCC in Lenzerheide

A clean start in the men's XCC to complete the first lap by the first minute of the race. Samuel Gaze took the lead, followed closely by Dubau, Fluckiger, Sarrou and company, including David Campos who was in the top 10.

Calm, if that word can be used in a World Cup race, for the next few minutes. Blevins used the pit lane to gain a few meters, as the configuration of the circuit meant that using the pit lane allowed him to go around the inside of the corner, rather than the outside.

A smart move that was soon copied by many other riders, to the point that two laps later most of them were already in the pits.

Halfway through the race. Schwazauer first with Gaze on his wheel. The front group consisted of eight riders, while the chasers, led by Valero, almost made contact with them.

Schurter's push to climb to third place with four laps to go, while Valero, who was twelfth, chased down the leaders and gained two more positions.

Dubau first at the new passing point. Just a moment before Gaze lost grip of his front wheel on the first corner, went to the ground and in the crash also dragged Schurter. In a race as explosive and short as this one, the incident meant they were out of any chance, even more so for Gaze himself, who had to reposition handlebars and saddle before rejoining the race.

Sarrou, who had taken a back seat until then, stormed into the lead. Schwazbauer defied logic and decided not to go to the pit lane, but to sprint at full speed with his quadriceps and snatch the first position from the Frenchman. A move that proved fruitful and ended up giving him the victory.

Sarrou was not able to replicate the German and settled for second place. Fini Carstensen signed a great performance in third position.

Results XCC Lenzerheide 2023 World Cup - Men's

  1. Luca Schwarzbauer 19'47"
  2. Jordan Sarrou +2"
  3. Sebastian Fini Carstensen +4"
  4. Luca Braidot +5"
  5. Joshua Dubau +5"
  6. Mathias Fluckiger +6"
  7. Lars Forster +7"
  8. David valero +8"
  9. Vital Albin +15"
  10. Marcel Guerrini +16"



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Schwarzbauer da una lección de inteligencia y piernas para ganar el XCC de Lenzerheide