Rissveds wins the XCC in Lenzerheide

Mountain bike 09/06/23 17:45 Migue A.

Rissveds won the Lenzerheide XCC ahead of Keller and Ferrand-Prevot. The Swede shook up the race when she managed to open a gap shortly before the start of the last lap, held the effort until the end and frustrated her rivals' attempts to chase her down. 

Rissveds makes his XCC debut this season with a solo finish in Lenzerheide

Stigger was the fastest in the first meters and took the lead at the start of the race. Pieterse and Terpstra had her back on the asphalt section before the dirt section.

The main candidates for the victory were in the first positions. All together. With minimal differences. Stigger maintained the first position, although this time it was Rissveds and Keller who were just behind. The Austrian, an expert in this kind of races, was riding without giving any of her rivals the chance to overtake her.

Another pass through the finish line. Start of the fourth lap with the same actresses on stage. Time to think about how to face the final part of the competition, to get into position and to launch the attack if necessary

Ferrand-Prevot was seen crossing the finish line on Stigger's wheel. By that time the leading group already consisted of nine riders who had opened a small gap to the rest of the participants.

And now she did. Frei launched and took the lead on the first uphill straight. Rissveds followed closely behind while Stigger dropped to fifth. The chase group, made up of six other riders, intermittently joined the leaders.

Pieterse took advantage of the start of the penultimate lap to take the lead, but quickly lost it to Sweden's Rissveds and Keller. Even so, the Dutchwoman went up another gear on the next lap, with Ferrand-Prevot on her wheel.

Rissveds took the lead and opened a gap in the last part of the circuit that seemed to be enough to go all the way to the end. The race had broken up. Keller, Ferrand-Prevot and Pieterse were all pulling together to chase down the Swede, but the gap remained almost unchanged.

The seconds ticked by and the lap was consumed at a frantic pace. Rissveds held on to the lead and rode solo to raise her right arm and win the second XCC World Cup event of the season.

Behind, Keller won the sprint between the three chasers and crossed in second place. Ferrand-Prevot was able to take third and Pieterse had to settle for fourth place.

Results XCC Lenzerheide 2023 World Cup - Women's

  1. Jenny Rissveds 20'34"
  2. Alessandra Keller +2"
  3. Pauline Ferrand-Prevot +2"
  4. Puck Pieterse +6"
  5. Anne Tauber +14"
  6. Laura Stigger +17"
  7. Gwendalyn Gibson +18"
  8. Sina Frei +20"
  9. Anne Terpstra +22"
  10. Rebecca Henderson +25"




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Jenny Rissveds gana en solitario el XCC de Lenzerheide