Red Bull will be on the jerseys and bikes of Bora-Hansgrohe in a few weeks

Road 08/03/24 09:41 Migue A.

Although after the acquisition by Red Bull of 51% of the shares of the Bora-Hansgrohe team initially nothing was going to change in terms of image for this 2024 season, now everything points to seeing the German team wearing the colors of the energy drink brand, at the latest, for the Tour de France if not before.

The Tour de France, deadline for Bora-Hansgrohe to wear Red Bull

The acquisition of 51% of Bora-Hansgrohe by Red Bull a few months ago was a strong boost for a team that has reinforced this winter, especially with the signing of Slovenian Primoz Roglic, to aim at the level currently set by Visma-Lease a Bike and UAE Team Emirates, today, the two top-level squads in the World Tour peloton.

However, many found it curious that Red Bull was not part of the team's image, which continues to be called Bora-Hansgrohe, the same sponsors it has maintained since 2017 and with whom Ralph Denk, the team's general manager, maintains a close relationship.

But, as expected, Red Bull has not made such a strong investment to not appear anywhere and, as leaked, Sportul, the supplier of Bora-Hansgrohe's equipment, would already be preparing designs with the colors of what would be called Red Bull-Bora-Hansgrohe since the team would maintain sponsorship with both companies that have not objected to Red Bull becoming the main sponsor and, in turn, the UCI allows up to 3 main sponsors.

There is therefore anticipation to see what the new designs of the new equipment will be like, although, seeing the designs we can see in the world of motorsport, we can get an idea that the blue and the logo of the two red bulls facing each other will dominate the new jersey. We will have to see how they are able to fit the image of Bora and Hansgrohe into the new clothing. It is also expected that the design of their Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL8 bikes will change, now decorated in green, black, and the inside of the fork yellow to match the clothing.

Where we will not see changes is in the structure of the team, which will continue under the leadership of Ralph Denk, the creator of the squad back in 2010, then under the name NetApp, until the arrival of the kitchen company Bora in 2015 that marked the beginning of the German team's ascent to the highest level of cycling, something they would achieve in 2017 when, already under the name of Bora-Hansgrohe, they became part of the World Tour.



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