Tokyo 2020 medals will be made with recycled smartphones and computers

Mountain bike 16/08/19 12:00 Migue A.

Only one more year for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Every day we learn new details about the innovation and technology that we will see in the Olympics. We now know that the Olympic medals will be manufactured thanks to millions of smartphones, computers and other recycled devices.

Tokyo 2020 medals will be manufactured with recycled electronic devices

It is no secret that inside each of our smartphones and computers there are parts made of bronze and precious metals such as gold and silver, among many other components. So in 2017 the Olympic committee asked the population of the country to donate their old devices to be recycled and converted into medals.

In total, 5 million devices were collected with which the 5,000 medals that will be given in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be manufactured. In addition, the medal ribbon will also be made with recycled polyester. Recycling is part of the most innovative technology and these Olympic Games want to make history for their innovation.

The design of the medals has been carried out by Junichi Kawanishi and in them he wanted to reflect the victory that athletes must achieve every day to achieve Olympic success. The Greek goddess of victory, Niké, and Panathinaikos Stadium, where the first modern games were held, are reflected on the back of the medals.

In October of this year we will see the best bikers in the world try the Olympic circuit where in 2020 these medals will be played.



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Las medallas de Tokio 2020 estarán fabricadas con teléfonos y ordenadores reciclados