Reasons to have a bell, even if your bike costs more than 7,000€

Bike components 15/05/24 07:21 Migue A.

It may seem unnecessary, but there are many situations where a bike bell will be super useful. Whether you are an urban cyclist or a competitive one. Because it serves a purpose and because there are invisible and well-integrated bike bells. We give you the reasons to mount it on your bike, even if it's an expensive one.


Why mounting a bike bell is useful

There are a couple of words that will condense our arguments for you to consider mounting a bike bell on your wonderful two-wheeler, no matter how expensive and beautiful it may be. These two words are utility and humility.


A bike bell is useful, and we will explain why. But also, not mounting it on your bike should never be due to aesthetic or classist reasons, because utility, safety, and the functions it can provide should prevail.

Some examples are very evident in terms of the need to have a bike bell. And many of these examples are seen in full mountain bike competition, for example. It is increasingly common to see cyclists mounting bells (very minimalist, that is) that are very useful especially in very narrow and uphill or downhill sections.


Because when the trail is so narrow that it does not allow overtaking, and when the noise of your breathing or all the metal in the descent prevents you from knowing what is coming from behind, a sound signal can save you many problems.


You won't be able to speak, due to the effort and the noise of the wind or the bikes, so by pressing a button you can alert the cyclist ahead of you to make way for you. It is a rudimentary method for many, because it is classic and was invented almost at the same time as the bicycle itself, but it is useful, which is what matters.

The use of the bike bell in cycling contexts

But there are many more contexts in which a good bell can help you. One of the most common and where the bike bell is still in good health is in urban or peri-urban environments. There, the opposite is rare: seeing bikes without bells. Because in the city it is a fundamental element, when your bike becomes a means of transportation that interacts and relates to many others, in addition to pedestrians.


It warns pedestrians who invade the bike lane, it can be useful to alert other cyclists of your presence, or to scare away some poor animal that has been stunned and does not hear what is coming towards it. Either way, it becomes a safety element.


Furthermore, if these reasons have not convinced you, we will tell you that  current legislation requires you to have a bell installed, so if you don't have one yet, remember that you can be fined up to 80 euros.



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