Peter Sagan is already riding with the new electronic Rock Shox suspensions on his Specialized Epic

Mountain bike 08/02/24 12:25 Migue A.

Slovak Peter Sagan begins his journey towards the 2024 Paris Olympics this weekend at the Hero Abu Dabhi 2024 and there we have seen him ride for the first time with the new electronic suspensions from Rock Shox.

Peter Sagan is already riding the new Rock Shox Flight Attendant suspensions for XCO on his Specialized Epic

In his particular retirement from professional cycling, three-time road world champion Peter Sagan will dedicate at least the 2024 season to mountain biking. For this, he will compete with the Specialized Factory Racing and his main goal will be to qualify for the Paris Olympics.

On this path, Sagan will race in most UCI scoring races and this will bring him to Spain right after the race he will compete in Abu Dhabi this same weekend. It was there that we were able to see that Sagan, despite the fact that the circuit of the test is very little technical, will decide to compete with a Specialized Epic on which we see mounted the Rock Shox electronic suspensions that have not yet been presented.

Peter Sagan with the number 1 bib at the Hero Abu Dabhi 2024

For months we have seen cyclists compete with them in the World Cup circuits, the first was Nino Schurter, so their presentation to the market could be close. In principle, and without more information than the images we can see of them, these Flight Attendant forks and shock absorbers for XCO would have the same operation as the models for Trail. That is, they would automatically adapt to the terrain (opening, blocking or adopting an intermediate position) in a matter of milliseconds and without the need for the rider to interact with the suspension.

In the image we see that Sagan's S-Works Epic mounts a Rock Shox Ultimate "Flight Attendant" fork without any remote cable coming out of it and the particular electronic control unit located on the right bar of the fork. Behind you can also see the same electronic head at the top of the shock absorber.

A few weeks ago we already warned that electronic suspensions were ready to invade mountain biking and Sagan's assembly could become the most common for all Rock Shox bikers this season.





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