Why the Orbea Orca Aero is the best option for cobblestone races

Road 07/06/24 07:04 Migue A.

Until very recently, Aero bikes were reserved for the fastest races and brands offered more versatile and secure models to compete in races with bad terrain or weather conditions. But in a very short time everything has changed and Aero bikes have become the best option for almost any race, why?

The Orbea Orca Aero has become the favorite bike of the Lotto Dstny for the Classics season

Orbea has just released a new video from their Seeking Excellence series in which, along with the cyclists and members of the Lotto Dstny, they offer details and explanations that would be impossible to discover without this type of work.

This time it's the turn of the classics season and they answer why Aero bikes have become the favorites for this type of race where bad terrain and weather conditions are common.

We recommend that you watch the full video because it's full of curiosities, but we highlight the insight provided by Joseba Arizaga, road manager at Orbea, on this phenomenon:

"Most of the time you pedal alone (in races like Paris Roubaix) and in those conditions aerodynamics is key. The only way to go faster is to have an aero bike, not a bike that is very good on all surfaces or conditions, or a light bike"

You can love it or you can hate it, but there is no doubt that the cobblestones have something special. In a competition where demands are increasing, the Classics are always unique while pushing the equipment to the limit.

Here you can take a look at the entire Orbea Orca Aero 2024 range starting from €3,999



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