Oquo arrives on the road with a complete range in carbon and aluminum

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Oquo was born in 2022 as a high performance wheels brand based in the Basque Country. A brand that is proud to control and centralize the entire design and construction process in its own facilities, and that after its debut in MTB comes with a complete range of wheels for the road.

New Oquo RP57 LTD, the most aerodynamic wheels in the range

Oquo launches a full range of wheels for the road

Oquo debuted with a first complete range of MTB but it was clear that its catalog was not going to stay there. Now it is the turn of the road and for this it has launched a very complete range with two distinct line-ups

  • Road Performance” focused on weight and aerodynamics for high performance bikes.
  • Road Control” aimed at gravel and endurance, with a focus on comfort on rougher surfaces.

One of the clearest differences between these two lines is the internal width of the rim. The Road Performance uses 21mm internal width, which allows to mount wide tyres, as has been the trend and maximize comfort without increasing rolling resistance but, at the same time, anyone who wants to mount a narrower model and maximize lightness can do so.

Road Control tyres are fitted with 25mm internal width rims, which makes them compatible with wider or gravel tyres, whether for use on rough roads or dirt tracks.

One of the most thoroughly studied aspects of road rim design is the rim with or without hook, or as we usually call it hook or hookless. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, hookless rims slightly improve the aerodynamic aspect thanks to the shape of the tyre, and it is the best option for tubeless mounting of wider tyres at not very high pressures for better comfort without reducing rolling resistance.

The traditional hook system allows the mounting of lighter and narrower tyres at higher pressures if the aim is to improve lightness.

Oquo has designed what they call a mini-hook. In this way they maximize compatibility of widths, pressures and tyre choice, trying to get the best of both options. And giving the rider the possibility to choose what they want to ride.

Another aspect that has also been seriously considered by Oquo is the specific spoke tension for each wheel model. Higher tensions maximize response and power transmission and slightly lower tensions improve comfort.

In terms of profiles offered, three wheel profiles are available in the Road Performance range:

  • The 57mm rim profile maximizes aerodynamics and is the most efficient at high speeds, making it the ideal choice for aero bikes.
  • The 45mm profile offers the best balance between weight, aerodynamics and control and is likely to be the choice of most users.
  • Finally, the 35mm profile is the lightest and is the most suitable for mountain or windy days.

The components that will be used to complete the wheels of this road range are Zipp hubs, with its Cognition and ZR1 models, and Sapim spokes, both aerodynamic and tapered.

Oquo will also offer customization options in the decoration of the rims, being able to choose the desired color in a part of the rim prepared for this purpose.

Keep on Rolling Program

Oquo takes endurance testing and quality control of its wheels very seriously. But the possibility of something breaking always exists. That's why Oquo's warranty covers manufacturing defects and will repair or replace the wheel free of charge.

In addition to this, carbon rims are covered by the Crash Replacement program. In case of breakage due to an accident, you can take the wheel to an official Oquo dealer who will send it to the official service for repair or replacement.

Oquo road wheels: complete range and prices

Oquo has created a range of eight models. In the designation, the first letters define the range, either Road Performance (RP) or Road Control (RC).

Oquo RP45 LTD

On the Road Performance (RP), the following number indicates the rim profile (35, 45 or 57)

In Road Control (RC) the number indicates the width of the rim (25), as it is usually done in MTB.

Finally the final letters indicate the level of the wheel:

  • LTD are the top of the range wheels, in addition to carbon rims, they incorporate Zipp's exclusive Cognition hubs and Sapim CX-Ray spokes.
  • TEAM are the intermediate wheels, which use the same carbon rims as the superior models, but the hubs are Zipp ZR1.
  • PRO is the entry level range with Zipp ZR1 hubs and aluminum rims.
Oquo RP35 PRO

Prices are 1,999€ for the LTD line, 1,299€ for the TEAM line and 599€ for the PRO line, both in the RP and RC ranges.

Therefore, the eight models that make up the complete range are as follows:

  • Oquo RP57 LTD - 1.999€ 
  • Oquo RP45 LTD - 1.999€ 
  • Oquo RP35 LTD - 1.999€ 
  • Oquo RP45 TEAM - 1.299€
  • Oquo RP35 TEAM - 1.299€
  • Oquo RP35 PRO - 599€
  • Oquo RC25 TEAM - 1.299€
  • Oquo RC25 PRO - 599€

Oquo's new road range will be available from July, more information can be found at oquowheels.com.



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Oquo llega a la carretera con una gama completa en carbono y aluminio