New SRAM RED AXS: the lightest electronic groupset in history is also smoother and more precise

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The new SRAM RED AXS has just been released. It is the most advanced and lightweight electronic road groupset of the moment and among its key features are the comfortable ergonomics and light touch of the brakes, the smooth and precise shifting, the reliable wireless connectivity, and the wide gear range. In its lightest version with a power meter, the complete SRAM RED AXS weighs 2,496 g.

The new SRAM ?RED AXS is completely updated to be lighter, more precise, and smoother than ever

The new RED AXS has updated each and every one of its components to reduce the total weight while improving its performance and functionality. As we mentioned in the title, SRAM claims to have manufactured the lightest electronic road groupset in history and has also achieved more precise and reliable power measurement, better shifting capability, and greater brake adjustment range. But let's look at each component separately.

SRAM RED AXS HRD Brake and Shift Levers

The SRAM RED AXS brake and shift levers have been developed to be used with a single finger effortlessly. This has been achieved with a new lever structure that improves its fit and ergonomics for all hand sizes. Additionally, this design allows for more powerful and smoother braking from any point on the handlebar.

The new independent reach and contact point adjustment allows for a more personalized setup, without the risk of pinching fingers or hitting the handlebar, regardless of the configuration.

The new ergonomics help reduce cyclist fatigue on longer rides, and the Bonus buttons allow for changing or controlling ANT+ devices with the thumbs. The brake caliper is not only stiffer but also lighter, with ample space for brake pads to prevent rubbing.

Despite all these changes, SRAM has managed to make these levers 83 g lighter than their previous version.


  • Single-finger braking from the lever or bottom of the handlebar
  • 83 grams lighter than the previous generation
  • AXS technology for easier adjustment, customization, and reliability
  • eTap shifting logic for intuitive shifting
  • Bonus button offers control of ANT+ device or auxiliary shifting option
  • Optimized lever shape fits all hand sizes
  • Carbon brake lever to reduce weight
  • Textured shift levers and brake levers for increased control and comfort
  • Bleeding Edge technology for easy and clean bleeding
  • Reach adjustment for customizing fit to more hand sizes
  • Contact point adjustment for customizing brake actuation

???Front Derailleur RED AXS

The new RED AXS front derailleur uses Yaw technology with electronic adjustment to ensure quick and chain-rub-free gear changes in any gear combination. Thanks to the new adjustment tool, its setup is easier.


  • AXS technology (electronic and wireless) offers simple setup, monitoring, customization, and reliability
  • The new cage allows for faster and more precise front shifts
  • Easy setup with included SRAM Yaw tool, optimized for X-Range chainrings
  • Self-trimming functionality for rub-free operation
  • Compatible with 46/33T, 48/35T, 50/37T, 52/39T, 54/41T, and 56/43T chainrings

Rear Derailleur ?RED AXS

The heart of the AXS ecosystem is now lighter, more efficient, and more capable than ever. With a wide range of cassettes, ranging from 10-28T to 10-36T, this wireless rear derailleur includes larger pulleys to reduce chain articulation and increase efficiency, as well as an Orbit fluid damper to keep everything in place even on rough roads. A derailleur ready for 1x or 2x, on-road or off.


  • Orbit chain management technology ensures quiet and secure transmission
  • Equipped with AXS technology for simple setup, monitoring, customization, and reliability
  • 16 grams lighter than the previous generation
  • Compatible with 1x and 2x drivetrains
  • Compatible with 10-28T to 10-36T cassettes
  • Larger X-SYNC pulleys for increased efficiency
  • Compatible with current AXS batteries

SRAM RED AXS Power Meter

The integrated power meter and chainring SRAM RED AXS set is the choice of most professionals riding SRAM. Now, this new version is as stiff and precise as ever and lighter thanks to the new carbon crank structure.

The SRAM power meter has an accuracy of +/-1.5%, is unaffected by temperature changes, and the constant 13-tooth distance between chainrings ensures quick and reliable shifting. Our integrated chainrings are also incredibly durable. We offer more crank arm lengths than ever to ensure they fit you.

Also available in the RED 1 AXS single-chainring version with 48T and 50T chainring options.


  • 29 grams lighter than the previous generation
  • The power meter is fully integrated into the chainring and lighter
  • Power readings have an accuracy of +/-1.5% and are unaffected by weather conditions during a ride
  • Measures power balance between right and left legs
  • X-Range development technology offers a wider range and smoother gear progression, so you're always in the right gear
  • Clean and precise front shifting
  • DUB bottom bracket adds strength and simplicity
  • 50/37T, 48/35T, and 46/33T chainring combinations available (48T and 50T for the single-chainring version)
  • Available in lengths of 160, 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, and 175 mm

SRAM RED Crankset

As we have already mentioned in its version with included power meter, the new SRAM RED crankset with hollow carbon structure is lighter and stiffer thanks to an optimized layering arrangement. Additionally, this generation includes for the first time the option of carbon cranks in 160 mm length. X-Range development technology minimizes cadence changes when shifting gears, maximizing power output capacity.

The crank options for SRAM RED 1 single-chainring have the same features and are available in the same sizes, with 48T and 50T chainring options.


  • One-piece 2x chainrings are lighter, stiffer, and more durable
  • 29 grams lighter than the previous generation
  • X-Range development technology offers a wider range and smoother gear progression, so you're always in the right gear
  • Clean and precise front shifting
  • Extremely lightweight hollow carbon cranks and DUB bottom bracket for added strength and simplicity
  • 50/37T, 48/35T, and 46/33T chainring combinations available (50T and 48T for the single-chainring option)
  • Can be upgraded with a power meter
  • Available in lengths of 160, 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, and 175 mm

RED XG-1290 Cassette

The new SRAM RED XG-1290 cassette eliminates the need to choose between a wide range or one without pronounced jumps between sprockets. This cassette has been developed to be lighter and more durable, offered for the first time in 10-30 and 10-36 versions for the RED group and in total offers four options: 10-28T, 10-30T, 10-33T, and 10-36T.


  • Designed for smooth and fast shifts
  • Gradual progression between sprockets - at least five tooth jumps in the 10-28T, 10-30T, and 10-33T cassettes - while still offering a wider range
  • The 10-tooth starting sprocket provides a wider gear range
  • 10-30T and 10-36T options available for the first time in RED
  • Designed to work with an XDR driver body
  • X-DOME with single-piece machined steel design to save weight
  • Available in 10-28T, 10-30T, 10-33T, and 10-36T
  • Rainbow color design available in all sizes

RED Chain

SRAM's lightest and most durable chain has become 13g lighter in this version. Thanks to Flattop technology and the HollowPin link structure, a lighter, faster, robust, and durable chain has been achieved.


  • Flattop technology enables a narrower chain, with quieter, stronger, and more durable operation
  • Inner link plates and Hard Chrome rollers reduce wear and extend lifespan
  • HollowPin design to increase strength and efficiency
  • Extremely lightweight outer and inner plates with trimmed design
  • 13 grams lighter than the previous RED generation
  • Rainbow color available in all sizes

SRAM RED Paceline X Discs

The new SRAM RED Paceline X discs have taken the brand's smoothest and quietest braking track and added the lightest aluminum bracket SRAM has ever made.


  • Designed for road
  • Quiet Paceline braking track
  • Lighter aluminum bracket to keep weight to a minimum
  • Centerlock only
  • Available in 140 and 160 mm

Hammerhead Karoo cyclocomputer (3 gen)

SRAM no longer sees the bike computer as a stand-alone item and has therefore decided to announce the new Hammerhead Karoo 3 along with the rest of this new RED AXS groupset, as if it were just another component.

The new Hammerhead Karoo 3 comes with perhaps the best display on the market, premium construction and all-day battery life to make the Karoo a cycling computer without limitations. Its ease of use and navigation is one of the most appreciated features by users and it repeats in this version thanks to a hardware and software design that prioritizes focusing on the road and the ride.


  • Smartphone-like display with industry-leading image quality for full-color display and intuitive configuration of your ride data and maps
  • Easy-to-use touch screen and hardware buttons
  • 64 GB of memory, 4 GB of RAM and the model's largest battery to date
  • Multi-band GNSS technology for pinpoint accuracy on any course
  • Hammerhead's own maps and navigation with free global maps, instant route synchronization from connected accounts and automatic slope detection, with or without a route
  • Unmatched connectivity with SRAM AXS products. Allows for easier customization, better gear awareness and easier pairing with your groupsets, power meters, tire pressure sensors and more. The Karoo's best-in-class ANT+ radar and light compatibility makes it easier than ever to stay safe on the road, regardless of conditions.
  • Easy connection of the Karoo to E-Bikes

RED AXS complete group weights

The complete aftermarket groupset (not installed on new bikes) includes rear derailleur, front derailleur, shifters and brake controls, chain, disc brake calipers, discs, battery charger, FD setup tool, Karoo Hammerhead and Karoo accessories.

  • 2,496g New SRAM RED AXS with power meter
  • 2,650g New SRAM RED eTap AXS with power meter
  • 2,872g SRAM Force AXS with power meter
  • 2,994g SRAM Force eTap AXS with power meter

The weight of the SRAM groupsets has been calculated by SRAM with this standard configuration:

  • Cassette - 10-28 in group+ weights
  • Bottom Bracket - Standard BSA and corresponding spacers for a 68m axle.
  • Chainset - Crankarm length 172.5mm, 48/35 chainrings, button cells
  • Crankset - 172.5mm crank arm length, 48/35 chainrings
  • Rear derailleur - Rear derailleur without battery
  • Front Derailleur - Front derailleur without battery, clamp, shim, mounting bolt and washer
  • Left shifter - Complete shifter with button battery. 950mm hose with Stealthamajig, brake caliper, and fluid. 20mm caliper clamp, caliper clamp bolts, and 15mm mounting bolts.
  • Right shift lever - Complete lever with button battery. 1800mm hose with Stealthamajig, brake caliper, and fluid. 20mm caliper clamp, 20mm caliper clamp bolts, and 32mm mounting bolts.
  • Discs - 2 x 160mm Centerlock discs and SRAM locking rings
  • 2 batteries

More information on the official SRAM website



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