New Rotor 2INpower SL Road: the lightest dual power meter on the market

Road 20/06/23 11:00 Migue A.

The Madrid-based company continues to surprise us with its design capacity and exquisite production with the evolution of its most complete power meter. The 2INpower now acquires the acronym SL as an indication of the important weight loss cure carried out without losing any reliability and complete metrics that delight the most enthusiastic of training.

Rotor reduces the size of its most complete power meter

In its constant search for product development, Rotor has decided to give a boost to its 2INpower power meter which, we cannot deny it, was already one of the most reliable and accurate options on the market thanks to its philosophy of integrating all the elements related to the measurement, from the strain gauges to the electronics or the battery in the bottom bracket shell in order to protect them as much as possible from the elements.

An essence that Rotor has maintained in its new 2INpower SL in which it has focused on subtracting weight from the meter that we already knew, undoubtedly its weakest point and that made some people opt for other options of the brand such as the INspider system located in the spider of the cranks.

However, this new 2INpower manages to reduce the weight of the current model by no less than 15%, leaving, for example, the 170 mm cranks at 530 g thanks to an excellent job of redesign and analysis of the material requirements as well as the fine-tuning of its Trinity Drilling System CNC machining process that performs an internal hollowing of the crank body, made of 7075-T6 aluminum by means of three long and precise drills along its entire length, eliminating any superfluous material.

The design and CNC machining, we remind you, are made entirely in the factory of the brand in the Madrid town of Ajalvir.

One of the new features of these new 2INpower cranks is their fixing system, which abandons the preload and clamp system that clung to the axle to opt for a conventional anchoring design with the crank entering the splined axle by pressure and remaining fixed by means of a conventional screw on which there is also a small self-extracting ring that makes the assembly and disassembly of the cranks something quite simple.

These cranks are compatible with the brand's Direct Mount chainrings, both its famous oval Qrings and round NoQ chainrings, both in two chainring and single chainring configurations. In addition, we can choose to mount its BCD 110 4-bolt spider, which extends its compatibility not only to Rotor cranksets with this design but also to those of other brands that comply with this anchoring pattern.

As we mentioned at the beginning, one of the great achievements of the Inpower system is to house all its electronics well protected inside the bottom bracket. In fact, these new 2INpower SLs comply with the IP67 standard that guarantees waterproofing against dust, mud and water. A protection that also prevents it from temperature variability, a parameter that can affect the measurements, and also has a compensation capacity through the electronics that can offer an accurate measurement in a range between -20 and 50 ºC.

Finally, inside the bottom bracket we also find its lithium-ion battery that powers the system and provides an autonomy of up to 250 h of use, and can be recharged easily and without risk to the system's watertightness thanks to the use of a magnetic connector.

Nothing changes in terms of measurement qualities, offering data with an accuracy of +- 1.5%, independent measurement of each leg and reading by sectors of the pedal stroke, which allows a precise analysis of the way the force is applied throughout the cycle.

This, together with the OCA metrics, allows us to determine, if we use the brand's QRings oval chainrings, the OCP, or optimum performance point, that is, to position the oval setting of these chainrings in the place where, according to our way of pedaling, we can best take advantage of the benefits provided by their QRings chainrings.

This 2INpower SL meter is accompanied by a new version of the Rotor Power mobile application that we can use as a cycling computer, to measure the OCA as well as to perform the usual calibration at the beginning of each ride or update the firmware of its electronics. Of course, we can link the 2INpower SL to our bike computer thanks to its ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity.



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Nuevo Rotor 2INpower SL Road: el potenciómetro dual más ligero del mercado