Muc-Off invents a new valve system for tubeless wheels

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Having a sufficient airflow to seat tubeless tires and avoid obstructions are the main problems faced by bike valves, especially Presta valves due to their narrower stem. These are problems that Muc-Off has decided to put an end to with their new Big Bore valves.

More airflow and fewer obstructions with the new Muc-Off Big Bore valves

It is usually said "if it works, don't touch it", a phrase that can perfectly be applied to the valves we use to inflate our tires. However, the always restless and innovative Muc-Off has decided not to pay attention to that worn-out phrase and has thought about how they could improve traditional valves in order to enhance their performance with tubeless systems, which are now fully normalized in the world of mountain biking and increasingly common in other disciplines such as road cycling or gravel riding.

The problems that valves face when using them with tubeless systems are, on one hand, achieving sufficient airflow to easily seat the tires. In fact, in many cases it is necessary to remove the valve core to be able to mount the tires, and even use a compressor that provides enough air. On the other hand, one of the typical issues that valves face with tubeless systems is getting clogged by the accumulation of sealant that ends up solidifying in the valve stem, making it difficult or even impossible for air to enter.

The fact that these problems are more evident with Presta valves used in road bikes, gravel bikes, and many models, especially in XC/Marathon mountain bikes, has led Schrader valves to regain ground.

To avoid these inconveniences, Muc-Off has designed a valve without any core that restricts the airflow, while maximizing the width of the stem, which allows, according to the brand's data, 200% more airflow than a conventional valve. To retain the air, Muc-Off threads a small addition at the end of the valve that features a kind of mini tap composed of a small steel ball with an internal channel and a lever that allows the airflow to be opened and closed at will.

This tap system may seem more complex, but since it doesn't have to overcome the resistance of the core spring and offers a clear path, it allows for easy airflow. However, we have to be the ones to close the airflow before disconnecting the pump if we don't want the air to escape as easily as it entered.

The Muc-Off Big Bore valves were presented a few days ago at the Sea Otter Classic fair, initially in Presta version but in two versions, one with the Presta head and another with the tap system in Schrader width. In addition, it is expected that in a few months Muc-Off will incorporate the Ludricous version, with a completely Schrader stem.



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