Martín Vidaurre explains everything about his new Specialized Epic 8

Mountain bike 03/04/24 14:29 Migue A.

The Chilean Martín Vidaurre has taken advantage of the entire European winter to train in his country's summer and start competing with great results such as victories in the XCO and XCC Championship of Chile. In a new video on his Youtube channel, he shows us firsthand everything about the Specialized Epic 8 with which he will debut at the XCO World Cup 2024 on April 12 in Brazil.

The new Martín Vidaurre's Epic 8 with Flight Attendant

Here we leave you our article in which we show you all the news, models, and prices of the Epic 8 with which Specialized wants to conquer the segment again. And here you can see in detail everything about the new Flight Attendant range for XC, the electronic suspensions that will revolutionize mountain biking.



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Martín Vidaurre explica todo sobre su nueva Specialized Epic 8


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Martín Vidaurre explica tudo sobre sua nova Specialized Epic 8


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Martín Vidaurre explique tout sur son nouveau Specialized Epic 8