Lore Two: Are these the most sophisticated cycling shoes in the world?

Road 10/06/24 17:30 Migue A.

In 2021, the Lore One were launched, the first 3D printed cycling shoes. Now, the brand takes this technology much further with the release of the Lore Two, carbon shoes completely custom made for the cyclist to achieve the best fit and maximum pedaling efficiency.

3D printing makes the Lore Two the most advanced shoes of the moment

We have often emphasized the importance of the contact points between the cyclist and the bike in ensuring the best performance and comfort for the cyclist. One of these three contact points are the shoes directly responsible for transferring forces from the legs to the pedals.

Lore applies the Morphic technology in these new shoes, which not only allows for the use of 3D printing for their creation but also includes scanning the cyclist's foot so that the manufacturing is completely custom-made.

After scanning the foot in the store, the data is sent to the brand for robotic manufacturing through 3D printing in California. The result is shoes with an organic and somewhat alien look, designed to transfer force where needed while relieving foot pressure and ensuring mobility in other areas of the foot, allowing for the comfort of these Lore Two.

The Lore Two are manufactured in two versions, a more economical one, where the structure reinforcements are made of nylon, and others made entirely of carbon fiber, the latter also available in low and mid versions for greater ankle support.

Such a level of customization obviously comes at a price. In the case of the nylon version, it costs $1,349, approximately around €1,250. On the other hand, the full carbon ones range from $1,649 for the low version to €1,849 for the mid version, which is 1533 and 1719 euros respectively.



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