Lance Armstrong will participate in the Games where doping is allowed

Road 01/04/24 16:59 Migue A.

The American cyclist Lance Armstrong is once again in the news, not for his controversial statements, like those a few days ago when he criticized Tadej Pogacar's 'good vibes' attitude with his rivals on the podium of Milan-San Remo, but for his no less controversial participation in the Enhanced Games, a competition in which the use of doping products is even promoted in order to achieve the best marks in different disciplines.

Lance Armstrong puts on a race number again in the Enhanced Games

The Enhanced Games is a new competition created by Australian entrepreneur Aron D'Souza with the philosophy that participants show maximum human performance regardless of the means. As you can imagine, this means that it is a competition in which no anti-doping controls are carried out and, in fact, athletes are encouraged to use doping products to achieve maximum performance.

Beyond the curious, strange, or freakish nature of the competition, they are now making headlines because they will count among their participants with a notorious doped athlete like the American Lance Armstrong, who will wear a race number for the first time in a long time since, after his doping confessions during his time as a professional cyclist, which led to the stripping of his 7 Tour de France titles, he was banned for life from any federated competition.

Obviously, in the Enhanced Games Lance Armstrong will have no problem competing and has announced that he will participate in the swimming events since cycling is not included in the sports program of this event. Let's remember that swimming was the first sport Armstrong practiced before becoming a successful triathlete, a discipline that eventually led him to focus exclusively on cycling.

Armstrong was preparing for the criticism, explaining on his social media that "I know it sounds strange that I am going to games where doping is legal. But just because you can do something doesn't mean you have to do it. There is no way I will take anything illegal before or during this event. The only substance I will bring is a six-pack of Shiner Bock (a beer brand)."

Aside from swimming, Armstrong also leaves open the possibility of competing in athletics events, indicating that he would like to run the 1,500 meters, although he expressed doubts about whether his knees would withstand such a demanding race at 52 years old.

Undoubtedly, Lance Armstrong's latest move, which often leaves pearls on social media every now and then, as he did a few weeks ago after the end of Milan-San Remo where he criticized Tadej Pogacar, Michael Matthews, and Jasper Philipsen for their carefree attitude on the podium compared to the total rivalry that occurred in his time, where images of a rival congratulating another and celebrating a podium position that would mean a defeat for him would never have been seen.



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