Kilian Jornet proposes cycling as "the toughest sport in the world"

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The well-known mountain athlete Kilian Jornet has made an interesting reflection on Twitter following a ranking in which he tried to clarify which is the toughest sport in the world. In this ranking, boxing ranks first, followed by ice hockey and American footbal.

Cycling could be the world's toughest sport for Kilian Jornet

The performance and data analysis expert Sian Allen, shared on her Twitter account a ranking prepared by ESPN in which up to 60 sports were ordered according to which was the toughest. Different variables and skills such as power, speed, endurance, agility, etc. were taken into account.

ESPN's list of the toughest sports in the world in 2018.

As can be seen, cycling is not even among the top 10 sports in this ranking and is in 20th position tied with volleyball. The complete table can be consulted here.

In his post, Allen asked his followers if they agreed or disagreed with this ranking to which Kilian Jornet, who in addition to being an athlete is also a specialist in sports performance and training, replied as follows:

"Depends how you analyze thought probably. It could be from demanding long term training and lifestyle (most of the endurance sports). From long term practice consequences (boxing...), from a risk and consequence view (mountaineering, free soloing...)." 

"Cycling would be a good mix there. No matter your talent it demands long term strict lifestyle and big amount of training, falls with small-middle injuries are very recurrent and some life threatening accidents at training and racing."

When Kilian is not running or on skis, he often uses the bike for high volume training.

This reflection by Kilian Jornet is very interesting, not only because it highlights the value of the sport, but also because we amateurs often say that cycling is the toughest sport in the world. But this is usually done when we see cyclists squirming during the most demanding climbs or when they only think about getting back on the bike after a hard crash in a race, and the truth is that a cyclist has to be a cyclist for 365 days a year. Something that implies a strict lifestyle and that is well worth it to earn the title of the toughest sport in the world.



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Kilian Jornet propone el ciclismo como “el deporte más duro del mundo”