Goodyear presents the new Vector R tires optimized by and for Zipp

Road 16/05/24 07:00 Migue A.

Goodyear has just introduced the new Vector R tires. Covers designed to maximize the properties of Zipp wheels and available in 30 and 35 millimeter versions.

New Goodyear Vector R tires to get the most out of Zipp wheels

Who knows where the limit of road tires is. If just a few years ago 700x28c seemed like an exaggeration only for cobblestone classics, now this size is the standard in competition and in stock setups. SRAM, with the introduction of the new Goodyear Vector R tires, goes a step further and presents these competition-focused tires in sizes of 700x30c and 700x32.

There are three versions of the new Goodyear Vector R tires that appear in the Zipp range, all designed to achieve maximum performance by conceiving the wheel/tire system as a whole that is designed together.

First, we find the Goodyear Vector R Z30 NSW designed to accompany their Zipp 353 NSW wheels. These tires have a 150 TPI casing and prioritize lightness, achieving a weight of only 280 g, remarkable for a 700x30c tire, the only size available in this model.

On the other hand, the Goodyear Vector R Z30 and Z35 SW have been designed with the 303 wheel family in mind. Their casing is 120 TPI and in their design, greater robustness is sought without sacrificing rolling quality. In any case, this increased resistance results in a weight increase that raises the scale to 325 g for the 700x30c version, 365 for the 35 mm option.

All of them have a price of 100 € and, of course, are Tubeless Ready, fully compatible with their tubeless rims. Highlight in their design the total integration of the tread into the casing to offer a seamless transition and the most rounded profile possible to make cornering grip completely intuitive, without changes in grip as the bike leans.

A tread made with their UHP Dynamic compound with which Zipp seeks minimal rolling resistance in conjunction with the dynamic qualities of their casing.



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